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wednesday 25/12/2013

Do you think that this is good for DT?

Or another mode would be better?


sunday 22/12/2013

Thanks smiley

friday 20/12/2013

Blaming UR for your own incompetence.
wow PimpleG .. just wow.

tuesday 17/12/2013

Me, for 420pts smiley

sunday 01/12/2013

Soz my bad curse standard smiley smiley

sunday 24/11/2013

Interesting deck. Some people might find it a bit slow but it seems to work for you.

Interesting deck. I would personally change El Zombino to Wonder Lana.

monday 18/11/2013

I'd advise you to use uppers, mono montana or mono sentienel in DT smiley Mono decks usually work best in DT's and I'm currently using Sky infinity 50 td win reasonably cheap and a great deck smiley

Need any more help, hit my inbox smiley gl smiley

Good game man smiley congrats smiley

thursday 14/11/2013

Methinks when he made that post, he read Dussel's post above that explains what he was confused about. And he just posted to say "I'm a noob but ok I understand now that I have read the post above me and my post here is irrelevant and also a run on sentence ok I should stop talking about me being a noob and give you my life story hey yesterday I ate a hotdog it was good". Either that or someone's paying some serious cash to players who necro threads. I want in on that if that's the case smileysmiley

saturday 09/11/2013

Best way to perform better is just use your brain imo.

"I play only half hour and won Diyo Cr."
Gonna try that. Playing for only half an hour, not the deck smiley

wednesday 06/11/2013

tuesday 29/10/2013

Ah nvm, there back

monday 28/10/2013

sunday 20/10/2013

I've been play tournaments and got ranking 37 and it conatin 50 clintz 1 credit.
but when i see next day.. i didnt found message from kate that contain my prices smiley
how it can happened?

thursday 17/10/2013

Probably sometime after standard rotation and possibly the next batch of elo ban changes. Jan -14 is a good guess in that regard.

saturday 12/10/2013

Every day is a new lottery, two even, one for each mode

sunday 06/10/2013

Then i'll try kayazan now smiley thanks thoazol smiley

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