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sunday 23/06/2013

Rate guys

friday 21/06/2013

Maybe Wyre for Thormund or Dean (imo Thormund.) Wyre helps a lot in the LJ mirror matchup, shutting down Raven, (Milena + 12 pill Raven combo), Pilzken etc. Thormund works equally well against pilzken, but doesn't give you as much KO potential from his 3 damage (eg, you can't 2hko with furied Milena or Arnie after landing Thormund).

Otherwise, landing the number one spot is just a matter of having a good run, starting on time, and getting a little lucky smiley best of luck to you.

LJ is solid. Try Raven, Isatis, Wyre, Pilzken, Brianna, Arnie, Sabia, Milena
Uppers (shameless plug of one of my decks): First DT win!. You can try subbing in Herman for Jose, Wendel, or Harold
Sentinel is also extremely good: something like this: E PER LA PRIMA VOLTA!!!!!!. Tobbie can be subbed for Valentina Ld, Melvin, etc

wednesday 19/06/2013

Those are the penalty groups.Each card in the groups has a penalty for being used in the tournament.
The penalty for using cards from group C is -2 points each battle.
The penalty for using cards from group B is -5 points each battle.
And the penalty for using cards from group A is -10 points each battle.

tuesday 18/06/2013

Looks pretty good to me. Just that I usually would have Wardog swapped with Tolliver. He is a quite an aggressive 2*.
Also, I personally prefer Gatline over Brianna because the attack manipulation is good for low pill battles, especially in those 50-50 situations.

However, for me, I would build my deck differently, mainly because I don't have Pilzken, but I prefer something more of this: Milena, Raven, Gatline, Arnie, Sabia, Tolliver, Laura, and Isatis. I may switch Milena or Laura out for a 4* though. I like Junta's 4*s.

saturday 15/06/2013

Jungo is a very strong Elo clan. They're riding the strength of their strong 2*, Pegh and Jean, with Buba in mono / Ongh (when he's unbanned).

friday 14/06/2013

thursday 13/06/2013

Nice deck. smiley

wednesday 12/06/2013

Well if Daddy Jones didn't have penalty then with him and Wee Lee would be a very annoying hand to go against but you are right, they aren't used enough I was just thinking if UR want a penalty on ANY ulu watu card it would have to be to Daddy Jones.

I like emeth smiley I was just trying to sneak him back in lol.

Yeh I was running out of words to write anyone penalty cards, spyke should be on there and -5 sounds completely fair he is just too good, maybe put elvis down to -2 if spyke is -5 or just remove him all together.

monday 10/06/2013

Mm, I think that Angelo is a much better choice than Prince Jr.
Yeah, poison is awful in DTs, you're supposed to play fast, not stalling.

Thanks for the suggestions.

thursday 06/06/2013

The decks quite good. A bit more damage might be needed though but testing will show how good it is.

The decks not too bad for a low budget newer player deck.

wednesday 05/06/2013

They see me ravening, they hating

monday 03/06/2013


... just kidding, yes.

Nice deck. Your updated version deleted seems better. smiley

friday 31/05/2013

Thanks rate green smiley

thursday 30/05/2013

tuesday 28/05/2013

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La junta, Vortex, Berzerk Uppers.

sunday 26/05/2013

Also. quite unrelated, i just discovered that chiara is a cr now... cool

thursday 23/05/2013

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