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monday 10/06/2013

Mm, I think that Angelo is a much better choice than Prince Jr.
Yeah, poison is awful in DTs, you're supposed to play fast, not stalling.

Thanks for the suggestions.

thursday 06/06/2013

The decks quite good. A bit more damage might be needed though but testing will show how good it is.

The decks not too bad for a low budget newer player deck.

wednesday 05/06/2013

They see me ravening, they hating

monday 03/06/2013


... just kidding, yes.

Nice deck. Your updated version deleted seems better. smiley

friday 31/05/2013

Thanks rate green smiley

thursday 30/05/2013

tuesday 28/05/2013

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La junta, Vortex, Berzerk Uppers.

sunday 26/05/2013

Also. quite unrelated, i just discovered that chiara is a cr now... cool

thursday 23/05/2013

wednesday 22/05/2013

Just my opinions, feel free to give comments

Sah Brinak 1 pt
Nalae 1 pt

tuesday 21/05/2013

I was going to congratulate you. But then I read you caved. smiley

Well I'm asking this because in your guide, out of the three decks, I saw that the extended one was the cheapest, so I was wondering if I should just aim for that deck, or one of the more expensive standard ones.

saturday 18/05/2013

Yeah I looked at that, could possibly replace arnie with Archibald... even Dean perhaps. something worth looking into.

thursday 16/05/2013

Thats how odds play out.

monday 13/05/2013

sunday 12/05/2013

Ah, thank you. Wasn't sure if they meant 12x150 like you say, or just the 150 with the most battle points over the course of 12 tournaments.

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