monday 22/04/2013

Seems I got it wrong, I thought he meant both Standard/Extended DT every hour. My bad.

More people will be playing DT, and more people will be playing tourneys. Perhaps a 30-40% increase in total players over the day. Which is enough to cause a significant change that can be felt in the market.

With DT every hour it's probably more advantageous to players to play DT all the time. Forget survivor, DM, ELO. DT is where the money is, there's going to be no reason at all to stop playing it. The main reason DT is held every other hour is so that players will actually play other modes.

saturday 20/04/2013

thursday 18/04/2013

wednesday 17/04/2013

The Pilzken/Raven combo pretty much rules Standard DT these days...smiley

Not only was La Junta the most powerful deck, but there were practically no SoA cards in this format, which made Skeelz kinda pointless...

Thank you shanks and battery


DT is not rigged, if i understand correctly starting a match with a player who has a similar deck at a similar time can cause you to vs that player, meaning double/triple/ect matches can happen easily, however as i also understand it exploiting this with your friends is unacceptable so do not take this information lightly smiley

Rudy to spyke bernie to melanie smiley

Aylen to dwan if you want to keep the star count smiley

Well since this is a survivor deck this is posted in the wrong thread but i would suggest XU-52 to Ksendra

thursday 11/04/2013

Interesting deck. Congrats on the DT score smiley

wednesday 03/04/2013

Well Thanks For All This Help ! I Believe This Topic Is Closed In The End My Final Product is A Junkz 'Standered Deck'

tuesday 02/04/2013


sunday 31/03/2013

I would reduce the number of damage reducers. It's fine to have one every now and then but rarely are they going to win you the game, nor fast either. You could swap them with some more heavy hitting cards instead.

wednesday 27/03/2013

You don't remember? You must have stayed in Grado, under Leon's influence for too long, Duessel.

You helped me with this preset. Via Dolorosa

I've been using this deck recently and it's showing good results reaching up to 36 in DT Ext.
Junkz Extended Tourney
Please give suggestions on possible upgrades on this deck

Http:// Extd
Rowdy has a -2 penalty but it's totally worth it as it forces your opponent to pill hard to beat your 1 pill Rowdy.
Fuzz is the most underrated heavy hitter, almost always gets through for me.
Peeler, can't lose with the guy, except for SOAs
Neil, Either no Pill or Pill hard, eitherway your opponent is gonna have a bad time.

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