thursday 21/03/2013

Nice deck for your budget. smiley

tuesday 19/03/2013

Kolos has a -5 penalty..
If you just want top 150 you can still do it but not if you want any actual results

sunday 17/03/2013

Your deck should incorporate some La Junta cards that also have Power and Attack manipulation.

Thanks for all the comments guys

saturday 16/03/2013

friday 15/03/2013

Jackie cr to kazayan
jonas to jose star
oxen to maurice
robb cr to nathan
marina to hendz /sigurd
give standard a try its easier for top 150 and with those changes no -points

monday 11/03/2013

Thanks for the input, i may try it soon when i can afford her, I am only 3k off.
For now though I have chosen to go for 25* total.
Giving me this id_preset=2551454

sunday 10/03/2013

saturday 09/03/2013

Ah thanks!

The Shanks Wave
not my best results but any thoughts? i like the deck

thursday 07/03/2013

I want to improve my current rescue deck

can somebody help me improve this deck? thank you.

nb: i have 18k left to spare

tuesday 05/03/2013

Tremorh, Tula, and Selma are the best cards you listed for DTs

monday 04/03/2013

If i add Jimmy ... it goes more than 25*

sunday 03/03/2013

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Ok,thank you smiley

Alot of people like to use timber in mono clans for more KO options

for this deck id take out kinjo for kuei sakazuki for kusuri

friday 01/03/2013

Thanks for the input aaabattery smiley

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