monday 04/02/2013

Pretty cheap deck for what I've gotten out of it, with all the DT's I've played - I've already made back the value of the deck, best position is 10th.

What's your best position with this?

monday 28/01/2013

Piranas are not very good for DTs, but i guess you might want something like this: Selma, Lizbeth, Coleridge, Tyd, Baba, Ector, Amiral Coco, Puff. Good 27* that has some good 2HKO. If you want even more, replace Selma/Lizbeth with Miss Lizbeth.

sunday 27/01/2013

I already bought her actually and here's a deck that i came up with


Luckily got to 48 with it

friday 25/01/2013

Berzerk???? Didn't taught about that .. maybe OK i'll try it thanks.....smiley

thursday 17/01/2013

Interesting deck. Testing will be the main way to find out how good it is.

monday 14/01/2013

sunday 13/01/2013

Congrats on the 1st place. smiley

Last week i got 769 points in tourney standard

The way it is if you are in classic and win 20 xp you get 2 xp and in deathmatch if you win you get 50 xp and in guild points it makes 5 guild points so all the wins you get in xp the guild shows 10% of it

saturday 12/01/2013

Ive played DT just now and i'm surprised about the points i got but first here's my deck

Ratanah, Gertjan, Burdock, Jeena, Miken Moose, Rico, Treeman, Tuck

On my first battle
My opponent was: Strynge, Timber, Luba, Kersten

I won 3 rounds and i got 17 Points

On my second battle

My opponent was: Karrion, Edwin, Bill, and Archibald

It was a draw i won 2 out of 3 rounds and i got 14 points

has there been a change on the point system in tourney????

friday 11/01/2013

Tula to amiral coco

I've checked out how other people play it, and people were 0 pill bluffing Haze a lot which I fell for 2 times before I wised up. I tried Herman and he sucks as was predicted. Vortex were everywhere last couple of Tourneys and they were beating me in long drawn out 4 round games.

This deck just sucks - unless you can read a big play with Jose Star and then still win the fight somehow, you can't get the points. Too often you're forced to play 4 rounds, and win 3 of them, two with a 4 star and a 5 star. If you finish with Kazayan it's not a KO, if you fury you cant get the +1 pill bonus for various reasons, and the deck has too little damage (or awkwardly distributed damage).

I'm also beginning to suspect Flanagan, of all things, is a problem. I wonder if simply going something like:

Dreen Jiro Qubik Tremorh (Flanagan and Romana as substitites) for the junkz half
Hefty Lady Harold Jose Star (Kazayan and 7/4 prot bonus girl as options) for the Uppers Half

And go for 3 round wins every time, would be a better options. Or would the Vortex eat me then?

wednesday 09/01/2013

Http:// check this, my deck for DT smiley

tuesday 08/01/2013

Nice deck smiley

It might be hard to win Dts with it because its slow but try it and see how well it does.

Yes. You can still get extra points for having a lower *deck (though its a maximum of 5) and you also get extra points for each round played.

Nice deck. smiley

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