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tuesday 19/02/2013

You should drop Eyrik due to the penalty he gives.

The you could change Beetenka to Kazayan, Burt to Pallack and Samantha to Jose Star.

Ulu Watu bonus gives two power which helps you win most rounds easily soo Ulu Watu smiley

Try junkz uppers vortex pussycats all good choices a few favorites of mine from each
tremorh eebiza qubik haze
dagg naele c wing deea
yayoi muze clover diana
kazayan maurice harold lady

there are many many many more viable cards out there in all the clans these are some of my favorites as i said, check all your options out maybe look through some presets public and on the boards smiley

monday 18/02/2013

Nice job sweetie smiley

sunday 17/02/2013


I have cortez and was thinking about spyke, not sure where to put them, mightswitch out cortez for roger and spyke for jeffrey

wednesday 13/02/2013

First thing id suggest is changing esther to either melanie or miho both good options
getting artus in here is another good idea over bill
then when you can get pan and edwin they would be good to switch with orlok and erzsebet
then since its a tourney deck you could bring bernie up to many of the viable 3 star berzerks, i suggest the newest rogersmiley

monday 11/02/2013

sunday 10/02/2013

Well sorry but it seems pretty bad. Don't know how you did with it(it's also time zone dependant as well) but the Piranas half is really weak. You could have Tyd instead of Aktara,Amiral Coco instead of Spycee. Deadeye looks good on paper,brings them down to his power but he has no way of winning the fight. I would prefer Ector over him,although they both have different roles(Ector seems kinda better since he is damage resistance-resistant)

For the All Stars,haven't tried Loma Noju,Marina and Randy are solid and maybe Jessie to Stacey but it's a personal preference.

Still if it worked OK for you,them thumbs up! smiley

friday 08/02/2013

Not according to the rules page. The leaders with penalty are Ambre, Hugo, Eyrik, Elkore and Morphun. No penalty for Bridget, Vholt, Ashigaru or Timber.

thursday 07/02/2013

If you really want SOA then Redra --> Liam might work. Too much DRs will slow you game down and Liam's SOA could by useful. Just preference though as Redra could still work.

tuesday 05/02/2013

Managed in the top 50 with this deck. Any improvements would be nicesmileysmiley


monday 04/02/2013

Pretty cheap deck for what I've gotten out of it, with all the DT's I've played - I've already made back the value of the deck, best position is 10th.

What's your best position with this?

monday 28/01/2013

Piranas are not very good for DTs, but i guess you might want something like this: Selma, Lizbeth, Coleridge, Tyd, Baba, Ector, Amiral Coco, Puff. Good 27* that has some good 2HKO. If you want even more, replace Selma/Lizbeth with Miss Lizbeth.

sunday 27/01/2013

I already bought her actually and here's a deck that i came up with


Luckily got to 48 with it

friday 25/01/2013

Berzerk???? Didn't taught about that .. maybe OK i'll try it thanks.....smiley

thursday 17/01/2013

Interesting deck. Testing will be the main way to find out how good it is.

monday 14/01/2013

sunday 13/01/2013

Congrats on the 1st place. smiley

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