saturday 05/01/2013

Thank you smiley

Here is the deck i came up with

R&C Please

friday 04/01/2013

I can get 550pts through some deck already.
But if i want to WIN A DT, then how should i build up my collection, or any recommend deck?
These are what i have already
Spycee/ Gran Vista/ Kalder/ Tula/ Hawkins Noel/ Amiral Coco/ Trey/ Puff
Greesh/ Ector/ Baba/ Cyan/ Tyd/ Deadeye/ Andsom
Sheryl/ Coleridge/ Scubb/ Katan/ Sting/ Kristin/ Raeth

Nice deck. I would personally change Haze to Maazk.

thursday 03/01/2013

Lady, Maurice, Kazayan, Hefty, Harold, Bianca/Jonas, Frankie Hi, Gail Ld / Jose Star ???

Romana /Stiko, Fizzle, Flanagan, Jiro, Quibik, Tremorh, Eebiza, Haze / Neil ???


wednesday 02/01/2013

Maybe not mono but uncommon half in DT?
something like allstar/pirana or jungo/frozen just to name a few suddenly jump into my head

tuesday 01/01/2013

Here this is the deck with ratanah and the latest version


saturday 29/12/2012

Amdor posted a message a while back that is now the top comment for the Jungo board. It's create a character design contest for the clan to to hoards of ideas for them! This is a great idea that should be done for Skeelz and Frozn too! You would pick an idea off the boards, draw the character, and submit it. The five winners for each clan would have their characters released. Please spread this to other languages so the staff will be more likely to see it.

friday 28/12/2012

You have only 1 chance per type (Extended or Standard) but you can enter both Standard and Extended for a double chance to win! So the less time you can spend are 2 hours,1 for the extended and 1 for the standard and hope to win!

Good luck smiley

I agree with oracle and richliu more base power and post in the elo forum smiley

wednesday 26/12/2012

Well.. to start this is the wrong forum for elo chat... but besides that the best way to get help on a deck is to post a deck. or perhaps post what cards you have and have players make suggestions smiley also for tips try looking for some elo guide in your guild or on the elo forum:

not a guide but some pointers on clans

tuesday 25/12/2012

My friend, congratulations. i don`t know what your working with
as far as (clintz) but Vortex works real good with Ulu Watu. any-
way im starting a new guild called - Big Katz & Kubz, would like
to have you as my first member if it goes through...

thursday 20/12/2012

I am quite fond of this deck, but I guess it need a bit of updating

Newbie Deck

wednesday 19/12/2012

Well in mono tula can be just as effective i suppose, its more half decks you want to run kalder over tula because not having SOB can hurt tula

saturday 15/12/2012

Congrats on 2nd smiley

Interesting deck.

friday 14/12/2012

@Cyber - why you think it works like this?

smiley nice rescue noob smiley

monday 10/12/2012

Jay to belgosi might win you more rounds smiley

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