monday 10/12/2012

Yeah, Avoid-50-50 got it.

Say if you are 7125/7135 of the way to the next level (random numbers) and you win, you will only get 10 points. If you realise that you are close to levelling up (ie. within that DT), try and do so in DM or something before trying to play a serious tourney. Believe me, it's caught me out more than once. You'd think I'd have learnt after the first one. smiley

It's just a bit of a bug, that's all.

wednesday 05/12/2012

You know what if ur internet connection is out of service
that is bad for the loser right?since he/she is not deliberately timing out battle..

There is no 'best' size

sunday 02/12/2012

@RaW_Shanks: High damage Drs can actually help you. You can win with them and inflic damage or stop your self from loseing.

This is why pussycats are actually becoming a good deathmatch,DT deck due to there high damage Drs.

saturday 01/12/2012

Congrats on the score and insteresting deck.

Interesting deck. If possible i would change Heegrn Cr to Dagg.

Id say piranas to stop all the attack manip clans

saturday 24/11/2012

Try this for junkz if you have them all

edited by RG LoA saturday 24/11/2012, 21:30

Maybe you could go ector to ulrich if your using him anyways

Sunder to deea, more options late game IMO

tuesday 20/11/2012

logo UR 3 messages

Lol, wrong preset... someone delete this.

It's a standard deck though.... and I'll replace him with amiral coco when I get him.

monday 19/11/2012

What tansur is trying to say is take out ghumbo and ohshitsune you get -pts for them
and what i think abnormal is trying to say is nightmare isnt a favored clan for DTs try a half nightmare standard (edwin artus mawpin karrion) then a couple favored clans are junkz or uppers, in standard you face more "common cards" to newer players so it may offer an easier victory for you.
good luck smiley

sunday 18/11/2012

Thread necro...

then i looked at it, and decided... ya i should make a deck like that
Kill Bill Please

went into a DM with 14 mins remaining and manage to win the DM and get 8 games win fast or lose fast with this deck for sure

updated the deck a bit... might be a bit better now

edited by wasteroftime sunday 18/11/2012, 23:50

saturday 17/11/2012

The pussycats actually have high damage, the sakrohm should be changed though.

sunday 11/11/2012

It helps when your doing dt's on the side and just want that credit.
Like when doing Win X Rounds or Win X Fights missions.

saturday 10/11/2012

Leaders give 10 points penalty so it does not work with leaders. That's a winning deck if you play it correctly.

saturday 03/11/2012

Yeah. Was a really hard choice. went with the leader smiley

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