thursday 27/09/2012

Guys guys it say he is a master he should be ok i bet he is trying to steal our ideas with his super mysterie deck

wednesday 26/09/2012

Perhaps it checks when battles started? Say, Lady Demeter had started her last match before you had started your last, but she took all 4 rounds to finish with a slower opponent. Thus giving you time to start your match and finish it before she finished hers. Therefore, going by just starting times, she would have scored before you when really you did before her.

I would change Lin Bee to Nanook, she's a beast

tuesday 25/09/2012

friday 21/09/2012

+1 on both Aaa's comments, the stop bonus and higher base power will help win rounds easier

saturday 15/09/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change Don to Jimmy, I find that the 6 power isn't too much help and sometimes even in DTs a DR can help.

friday 14/09/2012

Please could you post this in the General forum as its not about the daily tournaments. Thank you.

There really needs to be a more reliable way to tell when there is a DT ongoing when using the iphone app. Kate very rarely tells you your score (indicating a DT is ongoing), and when she does she slows you down getting to the next fight. I don't want to have to check the website each time. It's feels clunky.

All you need is a little icon on the room when you're selecting rooms...anything.

thursday 13/09/2012

Nope. It's not pointless. Because other than winning rounds. You also gain BP's for playing rounds.
Maybe if the DR is around -3 min 2. Then that two damage could really be accounted for as something in 12 life

but if the DR is an overwhelming -5 min 1 w/o penalties, it's far from being pointless since you'll be receiving a 'not bad' BP in exchange for 1 life.

Also Uranus is an atk. manipulator so there a good chance of having the pill count favor you, opening up for good shots in the next rounds.

And almost everybody knows how DR cards works.
(Now that's one pointless explanation as to why Uranus shouldn't be used.)
Please refrain from throwing heavy words such as 'pointless' in my threads, especially if it's not backed up with viable proof and arguments.

And BTW. It's reducers.. not reductors. There's no 'reductor' word in this planet.
Please put proper effort in your replies if you're just rush-typing in throw-away criticisms.smiley

wednesday 12/09/2012

The new scoring system I think has had a bit of an impact in it too now. Score big points going full 4 rounds now, where in past got punished for not being up to KO. Strangely enough, Muse was bluff almost all the time, almost never actually tried to win with her. It was literally trying to complete the -pillz mission for the Vortex Legend. Having two stop opp bonus 2stars was pretty epic not going to lie. Alot of good things I didn't expect.

tuesday 11/09/2012

Please include this information in the Game FAQs or under Game Modes tab or Game Formats and crosslink it... smiley I think it would be very helpful to the newer players as well as people like me!

saturday 08/09/2012

They are also quite cheap compaired to how usable they are.

wednesday 05/09/2012

I once got 5 times in a row and it was peak time when most players play tourney.

monday 03/09/2012

Interesting deck. Keep morphun if you havving fun but you might like to change him is you want to aim for top places.

Using the Montana half, I'm trying eight stars worth of Nightmare. R&C?


wednesday 29/08/2012

Interesting low * deck. You don't see many GHEIST in DT's so the Stop opp: ability could take your opponent by suprise.

monday 27/08/2012

Do you see the "S" at the bottom right corner of the cards picture. All cards that are standard legal have that symbol. The one without it aren't.

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