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thursday 25/10/2012

tuesday 23/10/2012

I just started playing this game and this i my first attempt at putting together a deck for the daily tournaments. I don't have many clinkz to spend and I'm trying to limit the deck to 23 stars so I'm not outclassed by the more advanced decks. Any help would be great.

Please help me upgrade this deck...


sunday 14/10/2012

What is the common star number in Tourney?

saturday 13/10/2012

Missions, playing for top 150, playing for top 1/3, playing for 50 clints, playing because you just got the Leader and dont have many card options.... all reasonable explanations

Its what it says on the box. It means the quick battle couldn't find anuther player using quick battle that you can challenge.

wednesday 10/10/2012

Not only does going mono secure your bonus, but it also allows you to take advantage of some very good support cards, such as Avola, Oscar and Moses for Montana, and John, Martha, Coby and Sammy for Sentinel. That's just off the top of my head. smiley

saturday 06/10/2012

Wasteroftime just clicked on that energy efficient lightbulb smiley

thursday 04/10/2012

Nice deck. smiley

Congrats, Nice deck. It must work for you.

p.s im sad you were on a guild visit when it happened. smiley

wednesday 03/10/2012

Give this a try.


tuesday 02/10/2012

I tried a DT this morning in the standard room, and for the first 20 mins , I found just 60 players, and sometimes, it took more than 10 mins to get an opponent in battle. smiley

friday 28/09/2012

I think that these last weeks this phenomenon is getting out of control..you really need to reconsider about removing the option of 'leaving'..In other modes(like elo) is saving both your opponent and yours time but in dt things are different..For example if your opponent prevents you from playing a round or more,you miss the bonus which some times costs you 10 points..

Thanks mods!

thursday 27/09/2012

Guys guys it say he is a master he should be ok i bet he is trying to steal our ideas with his super mysterie deck

wednesday 26/09/2012

Perhaps it checks when battles started? Say, Lady Demeter had started her last match before you had started your last, but she took all 4 rounds to finish with a slower opponent. Thus giving you time to start your match and finish it before she finished hers. Therefore, going by just starting times, she would have scored before you when really you did before her.

I would change Lin Bee to Nanook, she's a beast

tuesday 25/09/2012

friday 21/09/2012

+1 on both Aaa's comments, the stop bonus and higher base power will help win rounds easier

saturday 15/09/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change Don to Jimmy, I find that the 6 power isn't too much help and sometimes even in DTs a DR can help.

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