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monday 03/09/2012

Interesting deck. Keep morphun if you havving fun but you might like to change him is you want to aim for top places.

Using the Montana half, I'm trying eight stars worth of Nightmare. R&C?


wednesday 29/08/2012

Interesting low * deck. You don't see many GHEIST in DT's so the Stop opp: ability could take your opponent by suprise.

monday 27/08/2012

Do you see the "S" at the bottom right corner of the cards picture. All cards that are standard legal have that symbol. The one without it aren't.

sunday 26/08/2012

@ FaZe Sky Blue isn't the color of the sky... but rather just a name for a pale light blue color i like. Similar to most blue eyes.

Both going for 2hko and winning 3 out of 4 rounds are respectable strategies. But i lean towards winning 3 out of 4 rounds. But i also take the 2hko when people give me the option. If someone spends all their pills going for a KO in round 2 always connect with that extra card if you can. Rather then KO in round 3. Also, Stay away from playing DRs to drag he game out. Worry more about winning rather than sticking to a specific strategy.

@ Mr Big. I always try to win. I don't think any of the penalty cards are worth it.

wednesday 22/08/2012

It could do well. theres a suprising ammount of damage for a Rescue deck.

Heal and posion might be a bit slow to base a DT deck around.

Can i use the same deck for tourny?? smiley

tuesday 21/08/2012

Okay, well I made a new deck only with rescues...
Nancy, Cliff, Gordon, Ghoub, Benson, Lothar, Beverly, Bridget. How does this look?

monday 20/08/2012

Wrong forum please post the in ELO forum.

sunday 19/08/2012

@ PermanatorWMD

I play Extended with this deck.

Too much stars.

wednesday 15/08/2012

The iPhone is awful when it comes to playing and players (myself included) time out even when we've submitted a move 15 and sometimes even 30 seconds prior to the timer actually running out. I've submitted moves (with plenty of service or wifi connection) only see a loading timer at the top corner (indicated that I made a move and that it's waiting to be submitted); the second that timer hits zero it lets me know that I've timed out and lost the battle - it lets me know that I've lost instantaneously even though I've been waiting a long time to let my move go thru. There is something about the iPhone app that doesn't want to connect or send a move sometimes and it can get very frustrating....some people time out purposely so the person they're playing doesn't receive maximum points (that's very childish) but there are still plenty of times when the person is looking to finish out the match and their phone says otherwise.

I've had a few instances where i've lost the match by the 3rd round but obviously want to finish the fight to a) receive daily tournament points/credit for the DT and b) don't want my smiley face to start frowning because I'm not a quitter.

tuesday 14/08/2012

That is a 23* deck, sometimes it's hard to find opponents ot you will get the same opponents over and over. Try something between 27*-31*.

monday 13/08/2012

Interesting deck.

Interesting deck. smiley

Dudley Ld was re-released not that long ago so I suspect a different Ld.

thursday 09/08/2012

Closing this. Got my rewards after almost 24hours, I guess some system lag?

wednesday 08/08/2012

Also seems good. Though you might find problems due to the low damage.

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