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wednesday 08/08/2012

friday 03/08/2012

In dt, u face different starred decks IN YOUR CLASS. That means you can face decks from 24*s to 31*. His deck probably had less stars. As for why you should limit your stars, it's good to have a low star deck cuz you get +1 pts per less star in your deck if u win, meaning if u have a 26* deck and the other guy has a 31* deck and u win, then u get +5 pts (max pts in 5).
For your deck, i suggest Avola, Desmond, Edd Cr, Mona, Oscar, Moses, Prince Jr, Spiaghi/Ace/Ficconaso

thursday 02/08/2012

Ok looks like l'm gonna pick muze thanks for the help...

Coby is a must have card in mono cop

wednesday 01/08/2012

Okay. Thank you!

@ People saying it's not working. The levels on work when a DT is going on, so the other half the time you can get paired up against anyone regardless of the start count.

Interesting deck. Congrats on the first place. I would personally change Dalhia to Selma and Kristin to Raeth but you might not have to if the deck works for you.

Interesting deck. Testing will show if it works well for you.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Chiro to Bryan, Winston to Thormund and Archibald to wyre.

tuesday 31/07/2012

Tansur makes a fair point and I agree with him. I have to say that i am guilty of doing it in a deathmatch when i am top and am facing the person thats second but i have never done this in DT''s. In a DT if your about to get pwned instead of wasting someone elses time you should just accept defeat and allow them to win. Thats what you call sportsmanship

Berzerk will likely never get a true DR. They're way too aggressive. Their way of reducing damage is winning rounds.

Seriously, she's at what, -10? And half the decks I see in Tourney have her in them...

thursday 26/07/2012

I think its anywhere in the same "level".

Level 1: 1 to 23*s
Level 2: 24 to 31*s
Level 3: 32*s +

Askai in half, Askai in mono on SoA weeks, debatably better overall than Troompah. She's overrated IMO, I'm glad Jungo haters have something else to spend their ban votes on smiley

monday 23/07/2012

I changed something. I think one penalty card (only -2) is in order.


sunday 22/07/2012

Sliman => Ahkab/Selma/Dahlia
Andsom => Tyd
Taljion => Baba

Strategy using Pillz reducers: I generally play them in response to my opponent's obvious bluffs or bluff with them myself. That's part of why I love Ahkab: He's deadly with 3 or 4 Pillz. 8 damage or Pillz advantage - either way, it ends very well for you.

Maybe some prob ? now its showing somewhere in 500.....hmmm....

wednesday 18/07/2012

Its the cards that Urban Rivals thinks most players will go straight to. Giving them a - points disadvantage makes people think more.

tuesday 17/07/2012

Well done smiley

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