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tuesday 31/07/2012

Tansur makes a fair point and I agree with him. I have to say that i am guilty of doing it in a deathmatch when i am top and am facing the person thats second but i have never done this in DT''s. In a DT if your about to get pwned instead of wasting someone elses time you should just accept defeat and allow them to win. Thats what you call sportsmanship

Berzerk will likely never get a true DR. They're way too aggressive. Their way of reducing damage is winning rounds.

Seriously, she's at what, -10? And half the decks I see in Tourney have her in them...

thursday 26/07/2012

I think its anywhere in the same "level".

Level 1: 1 to 23*s
Level 2: 24 to 31*s
Level 3: 32*s +

Askai in half, Askai in mono on SoA weeks, debatably better overall than Troompah. She's overrated IMO, I'm glad Jungo haters have something else to spend their ban votes on smiley

monday 23/07/2012

I changed something. I think one penalty card (only -2) is in order.


sunday 22/07/2012

Sliman => Ahkab/Selma/Dahlia
Andsom => Tyd
Taljion => Baba

Strategy using Pillz reducers: I generally play them in response to my opponent's obvious bluffs or bluff with them myself. That's part of why I love Ahkab: He's deadly with 3 or 4 Pillz. 8 damage or Pillz advantage - either way, it ends very well for you.

Maybe some prob ? now its showing somewhere in 500.....hmmm....

wednesday 18/07/2012

Its the cards that Urban Rivals thinks most players will go straight to. Giving them a - points disadvantage makes people think more.

tuesday 17/07/2012

Well done smiley

Your welcome smiley

monday 16/07/2012

@Lollop Cr: It allows you to have a deck with more * in it so you go against high * cards whilst keeping the cards in your deck low * to get more points.

friday 13/07/2012

To put it simply, everyone with a Jackie Cr was using her all the time and everyone who didn't have a Jackie Cr was sad about not being able to use her all the time.

friday 06/07/2012

I highly recommend you spend more then 10K on your DT deck. It will pay for itself if you can top 50 with it. I'm currently using a deck that cost 35kish market value and which i won a DT and top 5ed a DT with in 2 tries so far. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2343079 is the deck. If your not spending a lot of Cash Money UR your best way to make money in game is DT's.

Kazayan to Beetenka is an easy budget cut that will save you 6k or so and i haven't played a game that having Beetenka would have been worse yet.

Chiara to Stanford or Burt depending on your play style is another reasonable budget cut to this deck. But i highly recommend you own Chiara. She is simply the most useful card in UR that isn't CR when star count matters. Makes a great splash card in any Mono clan deck.

With those 2 cuts the deck would cost 20kish and should put you in the top150 really easy and if your good Top 10 or even winning isn't out of the question with a deck like that.

tuesday 03/07/2012

Wondering anyone has a cheap dt deck to reach top 150 for less than 10k clintz? I only mentioned Hugo since he's given out free and might free a slot for budget problems but if anyone has a cheap deck preset without him please post.

Tyvm beforehand

monday 02/07/2012

Neither Wendel nor Oxen play in standart, while Harold and Gale do.

sunday 01/07/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Enzo to Edd Cr (Desmond if you can't afford Edd Cr) and Jose Star to Oxen.

thursday 28/06/2012

The deck seems good. To win in Dts you need to ether ko quickly or use a low * deck. You also have to have luck.

wednesday 27/06/2012

Ok deck. I would personally change Pan to Oshitsune and Chiara to Nistarok to try and get more kos.

monday 25/06/2012

With recent change to scoring, you can now run a much meatier deck. Get Caelus Cr back in there. Surround him with friends like (but not necessarily) Sandro and Chiara. When it goes well, you hit with one, and finish with Caelus. Redra and Sasha tend to be "mandatory". Add your choice of 4 stars. I don't tend to play mono Skeelz, but I like Belgosi and Corvus. Fill the rest depending on your preference in star count.

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