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friday 25/05/2012

Breaking News, yesterday i got a new low:

Results of the Urban Rivals’ Daily Tournament
Kate, Today at 00:15
Hello LoA Reaper,

Congratulations! You finished 22nd in the last Daily Tournament with 376 Battle Points.

Well done! You ranked among the first third of the tournament!

You won 587 Clintz and 1 Credit.
You now have 8 166 Clintz that you can use to buy new characters on the Market.

2 666 players took part in the tournament. They accumulated 182 467 Battle Points and the Jackpot has gone up to 146 948 Clintz.

Good luck in the next Daily Tournament!


00:01 Tourney ..you narrowly escaped from logerun, Awayuki Girls Guild (5-4) – your wins: 23 points and 5 Clintz
23:56 Tourney ..you crushed Assemite (14-2) – your wins: 37 points and 7 Clintz
23:53 Tourney ..you almost won against arctan (4-7) – your wins: 8 points and 2 Clintz
23:50 Tourney ..you won by timeout against rdgevindy (12-6) – your wins: 28 points and 7 Clintz
23:47 Tourney ..you crushed kiler Inst, Urban Rivals ROCKS!! (12-2) – your wins: 30 points and 7 Clintz
23:43 Tourney ..you narrowly escaped from antedu56 (8-7) – your wins: 29 points and 5 Clintz
23:38 Tourney ..you beat Malachai WMD, Wise Men Distracted (11-4) – your wins: 28 points and 5 Clintz
23:35 Tourney ..you lost against WolverineWX, Total Fatality (4-smiley – your wins: 6 points and 2 Clintz
23:32 Tourney ..you beat Exterm1nat0r (9-3) – your wins: 27 points and 5 Clintz
23:28 Tourney ..you narrowly escaped from Boomommy (5-4) – your wins: 24 points and 5 Clintz
23:24 Tourney ..you were annihilated by RealSight, Valor (0-13) – your wins: 11 points and 2 Clintz
23:21 Tourney ..you beat LoBo SuelTo, la sotera! (10-5) – your wins: 31 points and 5 Clintz
23:16 Tourney ..you beat Archangelx29 (8-2) – your wins: 25 points and 5 Clintz
23:11 Tourney ..you crushed Firrero, Dark Fighters (13-3) – your wins: 27 points and 5 Clintz
23:08 Tourney ..you narrowly escaped from Firrero, Dark Fighters (4-2) – your wins: 19 points and 5 Clintz
23:05 Tourney ..you narrowly escaped from VAD9, Pioneers (8-5) – your wins: 23 points and 5 Clintz
22:03 Tourney ..you narrowly escaped from lord_siniestro, Magic Urban (7-5) – your wins: 23 points and 5 Clintz

Did you carry on after 16mins because your finishing position is what matters smiley

Change Murphy to Mona if you can or Sharon.

Interesting deck. It gets past the problem of low * cards having low damage.

tuesday 22/05/2012

I would have Randy instead of Loretta but i wanted a low star deck 18 star look a lot better then 19 lol, but it was a good advice Permanator, most of the time it is not my playing style that is the problem, the problem is my opp wasting time.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Wonald to Esmeralda and Ivy to Filomena.

monday 21/05/2012

saturday 19/05/2012

friday 18/05/2012

Havok & Hawk? Maybe switch out Havok for Tobbie to bring the * count down.

I agree with Jellal_Fds, Pussycats are not the ideal dt deck. DR's, poisons, life gainers, and pill manip will 99% of the time make your opponents stall.

tuesday 15/05/2012

LOL i just saw SPSS. Commonly for scientific papers and UR. haha

What jayceone said (Any match that ENDS during Dt time is counted) is actually technically incorrect.

Any match that begins during the tourney time (:00 to :59) is counted for bp. The issue here is that there is lag time between the server time and the time displayed below the flash app, which refreshes ~ every 2 minutes.

Take the following examples:
Assuming a tournament that runs from XX:00 to XX:59...

"Tournament begins in 0 minutes", time is XX-1:59. Any match begun now will not count for the tournament because the tournament hasn't started.

(1 minute later)

"Tournament begins in 0 minutes" -- server time is XX+1:00. Any match begun now will count for the tournament, however the text does not display this as it has not updated to the start of the tournament.

(59 minutes later)

"Tournament ends in 0 minutes" -- server time is XX:59. Any match begun now will still be given to you as the tournament is still ongoing.

(1 minute later)

"Tournament ends in 0 minutes" -- server time is XX+1:00. Any match begun now will not be given to you, the tournament has ended, but the text has not updated.

Lastly, I've attached a picture that provides a little bit of evidence:

The finish time is recorded in the battle history.
21:01 is yellow, which means it counted for the tourney. This battle started before 21:00.

monday 14/05/2012

Heehee. Its the anti-UR/fairplay deck! Already -210 in less than a day!

Congratz. smiley

At the moment the only cards which carry a penalty are those on the separated list on the first page.

Cards which are ELO banned but not on the list (gil, emeth etc.) do NOT carry a penalty (which is why they are being used a lot in winning decks).

sunday 13/05/2012

Its the * count of the deck so it would work.

thursday 10/05/2012

@ Ghelas

If only everyone could be as right in all their points as you are!

That is extreamly well put in my opinion

You could try changing Fabio to Gianfranco because 2 5*s might not get you enuth points.

Interesting deck. smiley

Thanks for the reply, I understand it it now...

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