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saturday 28/04/2012

Phtagn ld because I don't haven't been playing long enough to have a Bonnie LD yet, I ran out of good 2 star Ulus, and I didn't really need another DR. Could have splashed Mawpin, Otto, or a poison, but I liked the life gain.

Back to the original point topic, it seems like the bonus for low star count is wickedly abuseable, and out of control. I'm still hoping to hear from someone who is having success with a 25 star deck in the DT just to know it can be done. I'm hitting 'the wall' at about 400 points. Are 40 star decks doing well either, or is the DT now dominated by 16-19 star decks?

tuesday 24/04/2012

Interesting deck. The Fang-Pi clang section might have difficaulty against attack manipulation clans but to find out how it does all you can do is try it.

monday 23/04/2012

Interesting deck. smiley

I gess Gran Vista was to alllow you to make the preset.

Nice deck.smiley

Help its a Judgment Dragon remove Lightsworn from its graveyard.

Anyway back to the real question.

Sakrohm (2)
Guru Cr

Junkz (1)
DJ Korr Cr

Roots (1)
Kiki Cr

La Junta (1)
General Cr

Montana (3)
Lyse Teria Cr
Vickie Cr

Nightmare (1)

Leaders (2)

Uppers (3)
Jackie Cr

Rescue (2)
Marco Cr
Alec Cr

sunday 22/04/2012

I just posted a similar topic because I hadn't seen this. Can we get the rules page to reflect what is accurate?

saturday 21/04/2012

For deathmatch if you got rid of dash and added in a higher star cards it would be pretty good

Yeah that has happened to me before but i just use that tacticsmileysmileysmileysmiley

friday 20/04/2012

Dont you think it would be pointless to have dj korr for example in the elo banned list and the dt banned list if only the elo banned one applied. just use common sense

1. Probably not as much as u will not get those mass points for beating high * count opponents
2. Check the new -2 penalty list for DTs, u may or may not have any cards that give u a penelty

thursday 19/04/2012

Same happened to me.. ruined my dt

tuesday 17/04/2012

Qualifiers of what.

p.s this is probally the wrong fourm for you post as this is for DTs not events. Their is a seperate thread for events.

Interesting deck. It could do well though Mickey T and maby Stanford could be changed to Wendel and Pallack.

Interesting deck. Do Gil, Rowdy and Morphun still give you a penalty because if they do then think about changing them, if not then don't.

Nistarok has allways been a usable card esspesily in T2

Read the FAQ.
Great stuff real helpful.
In random well its just random.
In non random if both cards have same attack lowest star count wins. If same star count, the card that was played first wins.

Straight from the FAQ!!!!

In the non-random mode, which card wins if you both have the same attack value?
When you both have the same attack in a non-random mode, the card with the fewest stars automatically wins the round.
If both cards have the same amount of stars, the card played first wins the round.


Every DT guide will basically come down to this

yk-lyss - Legend - Youth Kriminals
Sunday 27/11/2011, 01:42
Guys, guys, guys, just play fast, low stars, and win a lot.

sticky that and you are set.

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