thursday 16/02/2012

Im not sure if this deck would do too well as freaks posion and roots - damage is a bit slow. (and you might have difficaulty with attack manipulation clans). (the deck itself isn't too bad but its probally the wrong game mode).

Nice deck.

You would of gotten a high place from a mixture of luck and due to the low star count, which means that even if you lose you can get quite a bit of points and if you win you can get a lot.

@IM_The Freak-: In a DT T2 deck it helps to have 26* because if you have all 5*s then you won't get that many points, but if you have low *s then you will get a lot of points even if you lose because the higher the difference in *s between your hand and you opponents hand the more points you get for a win/lose.

tuesday 14/02/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Vickie Cr to Desmond because Vickie Cr will reduce you points by being ELO banned and a 5*

It might work well but im not sure how good the berzerk half will be against attack manipulation.

You could change Glenn to Eebiza as her 8 power is good and she will give you more points due to being a 4*

I suggest Sentinels. Lehane, Martha, John can take them out. And yup, they're relatively cheap. Problem is Martha and John are more for mono-Sentinel though, that may limit your choices a little.

Ahh one more thing, you might want to put in a Leader like Hugo or Ambre to even things out a little bit.

Hope I helped, cheers!

Actually, the reason why I didn't make a T2 deck is because I have this phobia of Bangers and Ulu Watu... Can you make another suggestion?

Vickie Cr the dream becomes true

Fantastic deck. When i play with this i reach always top 50. It's easy playing with this deck. it's solid and you can win also against deck with ambre smiley

Nice deck....anyway Kazayan replace Beetenza in all deck smiley

If you want see this deck Vickie Cr the dream becomes true

sunday 12/02/2012

R&C please

friday 10/02/2012

I said good day!

thursday 02/02/2012

Use Gil early to remove you opponents pillz. Tremorh is better late game due to his minimum 1 and the rest can beat you opponents cards due to there attack manipulation.

I think Gil is worth it if you are good at calling how many pillz the opponent put. I think a banned card only gives a few penalty points(-2), which is pretty much why a good low starred t2 deck tends to have jackie cr in it.

tuesday 31/01/2012

This deck is awesome and Avola is a must have in the mono-deck, true.
Infinitely preferable to Vickie Cr because of the new DT rules.
In the good old days, Vickie-Lyse was the staple gambit.
I also prefer ficcanaso to Sharon because sometimes slamming a 2 star fica into a 4-5 star can increase the total points by 3-4 than when slammed with Sharon.
Entirely one's choice, I should say smiley
And Desmond is the real clincher.
It's just amazing how many games can be won with a little patience (*coughs* I wouldn't say anyone should old, because this is clan Montana. 2 pills work beautifully in most cases since people expect just 1) and Desmond! smiley

Both decks seem quite good as long as you play them right which you seem to be able to do.

monday 30/01/2012

The deck might seem good but it's not really a Daily tournament deck due to the low damage and 2 ELO banned cards.

This what I use for t1 D's


better try them

friday 27/01/2012

Yeah that's kinda how I already had it, along with selecting only rescue as the "this clan only" criterion. So atm, that rule contradicts the at least 2 clans rule.

leader doesn't even show up when using the excluding X clan criterion and typing their name. They are not a clan according to UR. I don't want to just say "must use X clan, 4/4 split with another 4 of any other clan" or anything like that. As I said, cheaters.

Until there is a way, I suppose I'll just scratch this idea for now

thursday 26/01/2012

I think you do.

saturday 21/01/2012

What's your deck currently?

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