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friday 20/04/2012

Dont you think it would be pointless to have dj korr for example in the elo banned list and the dt banned list if only the elo banned one applied. just use common sense

1. Probably not as much as u will not get those mass points for beating high * count opponents
2. Check the new -2 penalty list for DTs, u may or may not have any cards that give u a penelty

thursday 19/04/2012

Same happened to me.. ruined my dt

tuesday 17/04/2012

Qualifiers of what.

p.s this is probally the wrong fourm for you post as this is for DTs not events. Their is a seperate thread for events.

Interesting deck. It could do well though Mickey T and maby Stanford could be changed to Wendel and Pallack.

Interesting deck. Do Gil, Rowdy and Morphun still give you a penalty because if they do then think about changing them, if not then don't.

Nistarok has allways been a usable card esspesily in T2

Read the FAQ.
Great stuff real helpful.
In random well its just random.
In non random if both cards have same attack lowest star count wins. If same star count, the card that was played first wins.

Straight from the FAQ!!!!

In the non-random mode, which card wins if you both have the same attack value?
When you both have the same attack in a non-random mode, the card with the fewest stars automatically wins the round.
If both cards have the same amount of stars, the card played first wins the round.


Every DT guide will basically come down to this

yk-lyss - Legend - Youth Kriminals
Sunday 27/11/2011, 01:42
Guys, guys, guys, just play fast, low stars, and win a lot.

sticky that and you are set.

sunday 15/04/2012

This is the wrong type of tournament. This fourm is for Daily tournaments. The events fourm is for player events.

saturday 14/04/2012

Interesting deck.

friday 06/04/2012

Hello all,

Following the release of Standard, and the re-vamp of cards that face a -2 point penalty, I've came up with a new deck, deleted for Extended DTs.

The deck has 2 strategies depending on your draw, you can either end the game quickly with a KO or try and win 3 rounds (perhaps even 4) with the help of exceptional pill manipulation cards like Smokey, Hawkins and even the long-forgotten Bonnie Ld.

Please Rate and comment, I understand that Raeth and Scubb carry huge star counts but they help a lot in knocking out the opponent.

Thanks all!

If you rely on your bonus, then pick 2 clans with the same bonus so when you get a 3/1 split you still have 3 characters with the same bonus. It would be almost like playing mono, but you get the best of both clanse. For dt only very experienced dt players can do well with nightmare or skeelz, I would reccomend that pick a power or attack manipulation clan for dt. but it's up to you

thursday 05/04/2012

Congrats on 11th though. smiley

The lower star you have in your deck the more points you get per match. With the new DT system matching similarly stared deck to play against each other, I would suggest playing 8 2-star cards to maximize the points per match!

wednesday 04/04/2012

Only -2 point cards that is worth using in DT is Jackie Cr imo, and maybe some other like kolos
because the way to achieve high points/ranking in DTs is not winning, but play more games and get maximum points off each game

sunday 01/04/2012

Janine < Oxen
Burt < Glenn

thursday 29/03/2012

Victoria to Dean
Tank to Trish

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