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monday 30/01/2012

The deck might seem good but it's not really a Daily tournament deck due to the low damage and 2 ELO banned cards.

This what I use for t1 D's


better try them

friday 27/01/2012

Yeah that's kinda how I already had it, along with selecting only rescue as the "this clan only" criterion. So atm, that rule contradicts the at least 2 clans rule.

leader doesn't even show up when using the excluding X clan criterion and typing their name. They are not a clan according to UR. I don't want to just say "must use X clan, 4/4 split with another 4 of any other clan" or anything like that. As I said, cheaters.

Until there is a way, I suppose I'll just scratch this idea for now

thursday 26/01/2012

I think you do.

saturday 21/01/2012

What's your deck currently?

Drop Embolt, GHEIST have two defeat characters at 2* that could be just as useful and not break bonus. Magda would also be a good swap. Try Olga rather than Olga Noel. If you want another GHEIST character Anibal, Draheera, or Jaxx LD would be strong 4* to use instead of Vassili.

friday 20/01/2012

Currently my deck is
Jaxx LD
I was intending to replace wurmhol with wardom. Any suggestions also I Have a good strategy so please don't post about that. Thank you!

wednesday 18/01/2012

The best ever original deck idea to grace UR from one of the most complete all-round players in this game, I should say.
My luck to be his guild-mate and friend! smiley

monday 16/01/2012

@ UM_AaaBattery

Don't worry I've been guilty of that before smiley

@E10DIN: Becuase i was very tired and didn't think about what i was posting. smiley

tuesday 10/01/2012

The deck might struggle due to its low damage but only testing will decide that.

saturday 07/01/2012

Thou shall not necro threads smiley i wish people closed their threads when they get the info they need

wednesday 28/12/2011

Is what I was thinking as well, build a deck Gheist/Nightmare, for bluff with Gheist and hit hard with Nightmare, or as you said use life cards, but then which are the better combinations?

you will go with Sentinel, Uppers, Montana, All Stars, Bangers, Rescue or La Junta all together in a mix deck?

friday 23/12/2011

Allright,then im using the ulu watu for t2 deathmatch. Same cards? (btw this is one of my alts,but i never do something against the rules between them.)

thursday 22/12/2011

Thx for the offer. Will do.

wednesday 21/12/2011

deleted Please rate green and make suggestions please.

monday 19/12/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Rubie to Pallack.

smileysmiley wow u guys...

sunday 18/12/2011

It is very possible your internet connection timed out for a minute. When that occurs you need to restart your wifi connection. It will state you lost a match when it appears your opponent timed out when in reality you have.

saturday 17/12/2011

With that in mind, winning with a card like joana and then following up with an all-pilled cliff (assuming they play first) could result in an easy 2hk0 for you. Take the 2hk0 when possible, but don't overfocus on it. If you can win 3/4 or even 4/4 rounds, by all means do so. Your 26 or so point winning will make you happy. Basically, take this second strategy when you have a straight up better draw than your opponent, or your decks meta smashes theirs.

Basically, it all comes down to reading the situation and playing accordingly. I've come in the top 10 multiple times with t1 decks in t1 rooms (which is extremely good.) I don't like playing in the t2 rooms, though i sometimes venture there to try my luck at actually winning a dt. It's all about winning as many rounds as possible, losing with a point gain, and just playing as many matches as possible. Keep this in mind, and top 150 will be easy

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