sunday 11/12/2011

Both the Type 1 and Type 2 rooms are primarly just fight rooms. The tournaments are an added bonus. You can use the hour between tournaments to test new tecks and home your skills for the real thing.
Both rooms are constantly open for fighting.

saturday 10/12/2011

Yeah it was. I actually just modified my original mono all stars deck to include Loretta after that last deck failed.


DR'S generally aren't recommended in DT's (as mentioned above)

However, if you feel a compulstion to include one in your deck... DO NOT USE GINA GLITT smiley lol

The way I see it, you would have two options (if using the deck proposed by Mr Intelijent)

Switch Harold to Burt - I would not remove Oxen, as he opens up a greater potential for the 2HKO, which is the main idea of that particular deck. OR

Switch Stacey for Ashley - Ashley is a throw away card, and good for nothing else. Stacey however, being a 2 star, will receive a good amount points for winning with her.

Gina Glitt is just bad, and using Maurice instead of Nellie simply isn't worth it.

friday 09/12/2011

You can't have any doubles in your deck.

monday 05/12/2011

I don't ever remember when Rescue was unbeatable in DTs. And as a DR, Uranus shouldn't be used in DTs - it just slows the matches down.
Uppers and Montana are still top contenders for the DT metagame, but it is a bit more well-balanced now with La Junta, Piranas and All Stars also seeing numerous top 5 finishes

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ash to Pastor and Krash to Glosh. This would make it T2 because you can get a lot of points from using a low * deck in T2.

It all depends on the player. Why don't you read some of the message board threads and public presets and see if a clan/deck catches your eye and try it out.

saturday 03/12/2011

friday 02/12/2011

Zatman -> oxen
jackie -> rubie
spiaghi -> sharon
wendel -> gail ld if you have her

suddenly, you're 2hk0ing everywhere, and you're not taking 2-4 negative points every match

thursday 01/12/2011

Great job, man!
You just showed us Sentinel can win DT too (first time in history, I'm sure ) smiley

Rescue would be nice O_o or montana

tuesday 29/11/2011

Troompah (sp?) seems a must have for any mono jungle deck

I like Option 1 for the incredible odds but on a more personal view I LOVE the mystery box idea in Option 3. Either would rock

friday 25/11/2011

Interesting deck. smiley

"paleposh deck is not compatible with this room"

It might be this or it might be a bug in which case contac support.

thursday 24/11/2011

Thank you for making this public. I switched out Hawkins with Trey and I'm having some good success so far. I've got 4th place twice now, and I'm hoping to get first.


tuesday 22/11/2011

Good deck
try to reach first smiley

wednesday 16/11/2011

Ahahaha smiley avatar smiley

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