monday 16/01/2012

@ UM_AaaBattery

Don't worry I've been guilty of that before smiley

@E10DIN: Becuase i was very tired and didn't think about what i was posting. smiley

tuesday 10/01/2012

The deck might struggle due to its low damage but only testing will decide that.

saturday 07/01/2012

Thou shall not necro threads smiley i wish people closed their threads when they get the info they need

wednesday 28/12/2011

Is what I was thinking as well, build a deck Gheist/Nightmare, for bluff with Gheist and hit hard with Nightmare, or as you said use life cards, but then which are the better combinations?

you will go with Sentinel, Uppers, Montana, All Stars, Bangers, Rescue or La Junta all together in a mix deck?

friday 23/12/2011

Allright,then im using the ulu watu for t2 deathmatch. Same cards? (btw this is one of my alts,but i never do something against the rules between them.)

thursday 22/12/2011

Thx for the offer. Will do.

wednesday 21/12/2011

deleted Please rate green and make suggestions please.

monday 19/12/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Rubie to Pallack.

smileysmiley wow u guys...

sunday 18/12/2011

It is very possible your internet connection timed out for a minute. When that occurs you need to restart your wifi connection. It will state you lost a match when it appears your opponent timed out when in reality you have.

saturday 17/12/2011

With that in mind, winning with a card like joana and then following up with an all-pilled cliff (assuming they play first) could result in an easy 2hk0 for you. Take the 2hk0 when possible, but don't overfocus on it. If you can win 3/4 or even 4/4 rounds, by all means do so. Your 26 or so point winning will make you happy. Basically, take this second strategy when you have a straight up better draw than your opponent, or your decks meta smashes theirs.

Basically, it all comes down to reading the situation and playing accordingly. I've come in the top 10 multiple times with t1 decks in t1 rooms (which is extremely good.) I don't like playing in the t2 rooms, though i sometimes venture there to try my luck at actually winning a dt. It's all about winning as many rounds as possible, losing with a point gain, and just playing as many matches as possible. Keep this in mind, and top 150 will be easy

I plan to post my highest score in a DT with this deck hopefully above 350+ points my record is 404
I appreciate the feed back smiley

wednesday 14/12/2011

Nice deck. you could try using kang instead of Robb Cr when hes banned.

Thanks RollingStar
Now 8th win ... I encourage everybody to try this deck, or a variation using the same clans, say 20*s

tuesday 13/12/2011

Ok cool I didn't know that ELO banned cards get u less pts .


sunday 11/12/2011

Both the Type 1 and Type 2 rooms are primarly just fight rooms. The tournaments are an added bonus. You can use the hour between tournaments to test new tecks and home your skills for the real thing.
Both rooms are constantly open for fighting.

saturday 10/12/2011

Yeah it was. I actually just modified my original mono all stars deck to include Loretta after that last deck failed.


DR'S generally aren't recommended in DT's (as mentioned above)

However, if you feel a compulstion to include one in your deck... DO NOT USE GINA GLITT smiley lol

The way I see it, you would have two options (if using the deck proposed by Mr Intelijent)

Switch Harold to Burt - I would not remove Oxen, as he opens up a greater potential for the 2HKO, which is the main idea of that particular deck. OR

Switch Stacey for Ashley - Ashley is a throw away card, and good for nothing else. Stacey however, being a 2 star, will receive a good amount points for winning with her.

Gina Glitt is just bad, and using Maurice instead of Nellie simply isn't worth it.

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