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tuesday 29/11/2011

I like Option 1 for the incredible odds but on a more personal view I LOVE the mystery box idea in Option 3. Either would rock

friday 25/11/2011

Interesting deck. smiley

"paleposh deck is not compatible with this room"

It might be this or it might be a bug in which case contac support.

thursday 24/11/2011

Thank you for making this public. I switched out Hawkins with Trey and I'm having some good success so far. I've got 4th place twice now, and I'm hoping to get first.


tuesday 22/11/2011

Good deck
try to reach first smiley

wednesday 16/11/2011

Ahahaha smiley avatar smiley

monday 14/11/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ashley to Jessie, Haze to Neil, Jiro to Tremorh and Onik to Dolly.

Nice deck. smiley

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2083691" and change the = to :

sunday 13/11/2011

Thanx for the heads up
definitely the most useful thing I've read all day

saturday 12/11/2011

Now if only you got 2st or 1nd

wednesday 09/11/2011

Wahzoo: I prefer Pallack due to the 1 extra power and his damage can be decreased which is good protection against pussycats and sakrohm.

monday 07/11/2011

Also, check out Mr. Intelijent's DT guide.


wednesday 02/11/2011

I don't think that Jungo are viable DT pick. DR is next to useless too.

Thats not something you do in DTs, or, you can do it, but its not generally good. Ive actually played a DT with 5 opponents who was waiting untill the last seconds to play and around 5 slow opponents and still gotten 5th with over 300 points though. Just play fast yourself. Timewaster dont usually play good.

tuesday 01/11/2011

friday 28/10/2011

I feel that there should be more gradual steps in how the awards are handled. For instance, there could be better awards for being in top 25% and then top 10% or something.

It's very frustrating that in an hourly tournament with say, 4,000 players accounted for, being #200 will get you the same prize as being #1200.

Just my opinion.

Coby Miranda 8*
Martha Dayton 6*
Tobbie John 5*
Rick Lehane 4*
23* Deck that can KO quite alot with Coby Miranda.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Norman to Jeffrey and Stiko to Tremorh.

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