friday 14/10/2011

Ok deck. I would personally change Erpeto to Pyro, Igor to Wolfgang, Sol Hona to Eris and Nimestiec to Murray.

These changes should hopefully improve the deck a bit.

p.s these are not the updates i would personally do but they are the best updates to do whilst keeping the deck cheap.

wednesday 12/10/2011

Ok deck. I would personally change Hawkins Noel to Hawkins, Kristin to Ulrich, Sigma to Petra and maby Na Boh to Wakai.

To make it ELO you can change Raeth to Ulrich (hes currently unbanned) and Sigma to Petra.

tuesday 11/10/2011

Well if you were winning a DT and versed that you would so not be impressed. Still 5th is pretty good.

No, you just ran into a annoying noob.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Rei to Zhu Tang.

deleted: When i think of cheap deck i usally class them as under 10k but if you find 13 688 clintz cheap then this is a good cheap deck.

CHEAP! 1.3 ELO in 1 day!: same as above.

deleted: Interesting deck. smiley

deleted: Interesting deck i would personally change Yumi to Kusuri and Nakata to Ralph.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Malmoth to Qubik and Taham to Peeler.

Would you suggest Arnie for survival as well? How about Deathmatch?

monday 10/10/2011

Http:// for t2 probably. for ELO switch out leviatonn because hes banned right now

saturday 08/10/2011

Good deck
isatis to ray
and chiro to jane ramba

friday 07/10/2011

I used to use this exact deck but before maurice and quinn, i used spud and stark(cant reamember full name). And i cant reameber what i used instead of Rubie, it works very well, a great contrast between attack manipulation to win fights and high damage to end them.

Wow, i cant say much about changing cards, but 58 power on the second deck, in T1 :O.

tuesday 04/10/2011

sunday 02/10/2011

Lehane for Kyle

Why not both

saturday 01/10/2011

friday 30/09/2011

Cyb lhia for neloe, you need more damage than a puny reducer, besides that it's all good

In mine i have ambre c beast dagg deea dregn oflgn sekutor shaakarti

Pillz-A-Lot said all there is to say.

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