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sunday 02/10/2011

Why not both

saturday 01/10/2011

friday 30/09/2011

Cyb lhia for neloe, you need more damage than a puny reducer, besides that it's all good

In mine i have ambre c beast dagg deea dregn oflgn sekutor shaakarti

Pillz-A-Lot said all there is to say.

thursday 29/09/2011

Jackson is a great card.

You played in this tournament and ranked 8th/1644. (851 Clintz + 1 Credit.) (276 battle points)


Earlier in the day, in another DT, I finished top 50 with 235 battle points but I had a few more losses that round. I had a mid DT losing streak.

That's what my DT deck ended as. There is no replacement for Skiner so please no red faces if you dislike Skiner.

The only change I might consider is Miranda for Dragan Cr. Maybe a 10,000 years from now I will have a Dragan Cr but Kyle doubts it.

Thanks for your helps. Making it T2 was a great idea.

tuesday 27/09/2011

Why is it when you look at Kates profile then it comes to my own???
And WHO is Kate isn't she the imaginary person who help you in this game ( No Offense Kate )

AoEM_Sakal: Nice cheap deck. I would personally change Ghoub to Glosh whos not that much more expensive.

mat rempit v2: Interesting deck. It might work for certain players.

monday 26/09/2011

Cool ty UM_AaaBattery, just learn something new smiley

and 0 Pride what you mean by get higher point than t1?

friday 23/09/2011

I'm a newbie to Urban Rivals and ELO games but well there's one huge problem I have right now, the Piranas. I can't deal with them!

I don't have a bunch of cards yet and I am mainly collecting Sentinels, which is a huge problem because of the SOB. I have enough cards to run mediocre Fang Pi Clang, La Junta, Pussycats, and Montana hybrids.

I can't handle the mind games against them. One mistake and I immediately know that the next rounds are going to suck! So many of them have +/- pills for winning AND losing! I also get poisoned a lot if I lose the fight. Then it reaches the point where they have so many more pills than me or that my life is so low that they can anyone from their side can kill me.

thursday 22/09/2011

@timosai: I also play Piranas but in T1. I want to get involved in T2, so I am checking out your deck. I understand the idea behind it, but if you make 1 mistake, 8 or so damage comes your way. Is there something I dont quite get here?

sunday 18/09/2011

If you only want a life manipulation, then choose wakai and murray
but if you want some addintional atk manipulation and pill waster, then chose sigma and nimestiec
it's up on your decision though so GL

saturday 17/09/2011

Melvin --> Dayton would give a cheaper deck and still as good smiley

It's not just attack or pillz that affect your win. Ultimately it's down to the life points between you and your opponent; The winner is the one with more Life.
As an example, I have won more opponents than I can remember by losing 3 rounds and then ending it with a win from Jautya with Fury. (12 Life difference)

thursday 15/09/2011

Xtyx_UM: Thats the reason the rules there lol.

monday 12/09/2011

So much for getting Rescue/Marco...or should I say Marco Cr smileysmileysmileysmiley

Katja has to go,you shouldn't put a random sentinel in an all upper deck.If anything switch her for a card like harold or pallack.Or switch her for a 2* like Jonas and switch one of your 3s for Maurice or even wayne stark.

sunday 11/09/2011


Youd think that with the ammount of time i spend helping other people with there deck i wouldn't make a stupid mistake. smiley

thursday 08/09/2011

Harold ---> Zatman if for daily tournaments, or Frankie Hi / Burt for elo.
Wayne Stark ---> Maurice
Could also swap Wayne Stark and Beetenka for Frankie Hi and Dorian in non-elo.

Frankie Hi

Nellie (Jackie Cr if possible)
Burt / Frankie Hi

Interesting deck. I would personally change Randy to kang, Spudd to Marina and Dalhia to Selma.

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