sunday 14/08/2011

Interesting deck. C Wing could be changed to Drorb.

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If you are creating a mono Piranas deck get Coleridge, hes cheap and quite powerful aswell

Tula is also pretty important, she can take down cards like Mona

I wouldnt recommend using Greesh his power is way too low .. Ulrich is a much better card to use as he is the only dr in Piranas

Mono Piranas deck would probably look something like this: Selma, Scubb, Coleridge, Taljion, Ulrich (Ector), Hawkins (or Bonnie Ld), Tula and Puff smiley

Awesome. Thanks guys!

saturday 13/08/2011

Maybe you have just fought an SOB clan(Nightmare and piranas) or your opponent has an SOB ability (Chlora, Burdock etc)

thursday 11/08/2011

This has happened to me a few times also. A temporary fix for now is as soon as it does it to you click on the "PLAY" link on the left side of the page and rejoin the room and it'll prompt you that you have a battle going on, then just click the prompt and rejoin the battle and it should go fine from there. This is what I've done and it works every time, so do this until they fix it.

monday 08/08/2011

I would have only posted the last two decks in this thread (which are actually the same), the others are not really cheap.
And you shouldn't really try a type 2 survivor or deathmatch without really good cards. So I wouldn't use piranas in those fights as mono.
I think hawkins noel is still quite a bargin, and coleman is cheap as well, and talijon is not expensive either. I would try to rebuild this in type 1, or elo format, and it would be a good deck.

So i guess you would want 2 Giafrancos' because one is already in the deck.smiley

sunday 07/08/2011

Sentinel is a good, and common choice. Both as mono or in a biclan deck.

saturday 06/08/2011

thursday 04/08/2011


rate and comment plz

M-Bisonl, Why? You'd expect newbies to use a deck full of Kolos?

wednesday 03/08/2011

For DT's Sob Clans Attack Manips (Not Rescue as they have 3 perma bans Ok Kerry being banned is out of question..)
Jackie Cr Zatman Rubie Oxen/Maurice 13* Montanas Edd Mona Spiaghi and GIanfranco/Ace maybe

Ditto what LOA_Madman said lol...add me and check out my dt presets...a lot of my decks are right round the ballpark of 30k smiley

tuesday 02/08/2011

deleted R&C

sunday 31/07/2011

So wich clans should you play in DT:s? only Uppers?

saturday 30/07/2011

Depends,i usually pick my ELO deck and swap a 4 star with leader

i use hugo with sentinel and love it,with montana its even better!

friday 29/07/2011

In ters of cheap dt decks, you should probably look at a uppers/montana tiny cuts

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