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tuesday 16/01/2018

C Dusk , C Porkks and Cyb Lhia are too slow for DT, you could replace them with Cyb Yose, Ward Hg and T Gaank/Dagg Cr

sunday 07/01/2018

Toro is a legend, was ELO banned for a long tim, eats other characters for breakfast

saturday 06/01/2018

My option would be one unique room with the following characteristics:
T1 decks: between 20 and 26 stars
T2 decks: from 27 stars on
If you have a T1 deck, you'll be facing only players with T1 decks
If you have a T2 deck, you'll be facing only players with T2 decks

Other could be making each tourney 50 mins. Start at 13:00, end at 13:50 then start at 14:00.

tuesday 02/01/2018

Errr...actually there bonus in underrated in most situations.
They are one of the best clans out there and my favourite too.smiley
Buy Frozn in Tourney would be not that good due to their 'lose to activate bonus'.
Also they don't have even 1 support card yet.smiley

monday 01/01/2018


Plan A: 2hko with Copper Cr 4 damage synergies.
Plan B: 2hko with Coby somehow.
Plan C: Use DRs for wins.

wednesday 27/12/2017

Thoazol you are the best smiley

After this four year hiatus I appreciate you getting me back up to speed smiley

monday 11/12/2017

And walker i do not have walker damn these cards are expensive i remember buying pilken for 20 k lol

friday 08/12/2017

-X Opp life min 0 cards can also do a lot of damage and some only are 2*. Any card power that ends with min 0 is worth trying out in a deck IMO

One issue of your current deck is having Dr Elisa and Moses in the same hand. You'll want to play both of them early in the game, giving you a strategic disadvantage. Furthermore I always try to 2HKO with Montana, and I like using underdog cards like Don or Orenichi for this. Because of the great clan bonus, if you save your pillz you can always get a high rank without trying too hard.

saturday 02/12/2017

Add to that all the pillz manipulators bangers have and the player who is up against that is under a lot of pressure. Take for example Kreenk LD. Play him first round with 7 Pilz = 72 attack power and you will be left with 9 life. Meanwhile the other guy got 3 pilz back and he sits with 8 Pilz in his hand. Predicting when he will use Shinobi is almost impossible.

friday 01/12/2017

Here is a link to the current bans.

Just scroll down.


It's an old page from the old website, so the formatting is off, but it still has the information you need.

tuesday 28/11/2017

While there have been issues with the app, it does seem to some players do like to stall. Some players seem to conveniently stall on the later rounds despite having a quick connection for the earlier rounds or seem to timeout when awaiting a final hit and then when played again they play quicker if they are ahead. While sometimes issues come up (recently had the app get stuck and had to reopen it 3-4 times in one hour or once lost connection and timed out twice in row) there are players that seem to do it specifically and in certain situations. The worst ones of all are the ones that wait out a match at the end of the hour and click to move right after the hour changes to ensure that the hour is over.

There could be some sort of punishment for repeat offenders or players that do it constantly as it does hurt the other players, but for players that have it occasionally there should be some tolerance.

sunday 26/11/2017

I made this and it got me over 400 points on my first try.


monday 06/11/2017


Least it would have been more than 400 had I not messed up my math in two matches by 1 pillz. smiley

monday 30/10/2017


This is the deck I believe to be the best one for DT (Nami>Pierce, but I don't have Nami)
won 2 out of 3 DTs where I played rescue so far.

friday 27/10/2017

@MAIN he never specified he plays T2. and even then, more than 8 cards is not the best option for every clan

friday 13/10/2017

Thank you for posting it , hard to play arcade with this bug haha , it's like guessing how much you need to do win smiley

wednesday 11/10/2017

Oh that's actually pretty interesting the skills are based on rl time , very unique so far that's only the new skills i saw, thank you for the clarification Rowdy and Thoazol! smiley Closing Thread

thursday 05/10/2017

Some insight to the comment:

Staff removed penalties as they felt there were some instances when players were ignorant of the penalty and still insisted on using overpowered cards.

One problem with Tourney back then was if you wanted to get 1st Place, you would be unlucky to run to a player who is just using an overpowered deck compared to a player who only fights easy decks.

They felt a ban would do a better job enforcing restrictions compared to simply issuing penalties.

wednesday 20/09/2017

Go to your collection page.
See the deck formats on the left side of the screen?
Scroll down to Tourney Type 1/2.
Not the vanilla Type 1/2, those are for survivor.
Click the desired format.
A list of rules pops up.
See the list of about 35 cards?
Those are the banned cards.

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