wednesday 27/07/2011

Also make sure you don't have all the cards from those packs in your deck smiley You only want 8 cards in your deck (9 in specific deck builds, but you probably aren't building those yet).

tuesday 26/07/2011

You just have to make a new one unfortunately.

I would keep puff in a mono deck. He will help you win 3/4 rounds which should be your goal. That or to 2HKO quickly.

monday 25/07/2011

For dt's it will never work but you could easily change it into an awesome survivor deck

Its a personally choice because massiv is just as good in ceartain situations. smiley

Ok cheap deck.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=1957473" and change the = to :

sunday 24/07/2011

It got deleted i will make a new one

You could try Hugo instead of Manfred.

saturday 23/07/2011

As long as its not you timeing out of abbandoning fights then it wil stay green. smiley

friday 22/07/2011

Thanks for the tips on the third round. Recently i have been losing cause my third round pilling card choosing. can any one direct me to where i can find more tips on this. i have been searching but cant find more.

18 match? wow...thats so much..!smiley i never imagined we can play over 20 match coz 1 match actually takes at most 4 minutes to finish..myb either my connection or my opponent are slow..because my opponent always seem to move after hearing *beep *beep.. smiley anyways..thanks for help

thursday 21/07/2011

I would change Ector to Smokey Cr.

Baldovino - Akendram
Sting - Tula

wednesday 20/07/2011

I prefer to sacrifise 1 damage to get a stable 7 power. The +8 attack can also help you out buts is a completely personal choice.

tuesday 19/07/2011

People have some control over who you play. If you play each round quickly, you will be paired against faster people. If you are taking your time in these matches, which is perfectly okay, you will be more likely paired up against people who, for instance are browsing another page and forgot to play, or are stalling. My advice is to take it easy, and learn how you learn

9 or 11 Pm Central time. Highest score isn't as high as peak times and I can usually get top 20 easily.

monday 18/07/2011

Nice deck personally i would change Ashiko to Pegh.

Thanx smiley but i've decided to go with montana

saturday 16/07/2011

As a Montana and Uppers users I'd recommend these decks and both decks are Type 1.

New uppers extravaganza

Yep, Coby can even KO with furious Katja, furious Martha, and Miranda.

Excellent card, though his price is slightly inflated smiley

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