saturday 25/06/2011

Seeing as you won a dt with it you should change anything it must work for you.

friday 24/06/2011

I've been involved in multiple events where this has happened and contacted support multiple times. I've been asked to be removed, refunded, and even if anyone is reading my messages.
I've never received a response.
In short, they don't care. Don't enter events and you won't have a problem.

tuesday 21/06/2011

Interesting deck. if you can win enuth fights you should be able to cancle out the -2 points.

friday 17/06/2011

Need help with deck trying to buy some but don't have enough help !!!!

wednesday 15/06/2011

The percent increase must be so less compared to ur level that it is un-noticable

Same here started la junta rescue fang pi clang and ulu watu then removed fang pi and la junta slowly and just 1 week ago i removed ulu watu

I have won 6 DTs and in 2 of them I used Uppers/Junkz type 1. Junkz have powerful 3 and 2 stars for points and Uppers can 2hko so you have the option of quick wins with medium points or slow with fast which is great for later rounds. The other 2 were Mono type 1 Sents which was basically a 3hko deck which got me 25 points a lot and then there was a 27 star 9 charicter deck which was also good for points but quite risky and then there was mono uppers type 1 which was full of 2hkos. The best advice I can give you (that worked for me) is to have a mainly 3hko deck with atleast 2 big damaging cards. I

tuesday 14/06/2011

Interestin g deck if played well it could do well but you might have difficaulty against attack manipulation clans.

sunday 12/06/2011

Nice deck. you could try swapping Massiv to graff.

You ask me good with Roots have SOA and the good reducers and their cheap well expect for Kiki Cr

saturday 11/06/2011

Nice one!

If you have a KO try your best to leave pills(up to 4 if possible)

thursday 09/06/2011

It's as Aaa said use correctly it could idk wat you're talking about ninjapig... you said it yourself a deck below 20k gets you top tens so don't contradict yourself... Good luck dark Altairsmiley

tuesday 07/06/2011

Rescue can do well (Cardz Rulers deck idea should do you well) , uppers can also do quite well.

sunday 05/06/2011

Thank you s(apeg0d you input (and links) were very helpful. Much appreciated.

saturday 04/06/2011

Nice deck you could try using Aurora instead of Alec Cr becuase you won't lose points for using an ELO banned card.

That seems like a good jungo deck, use it if you like jungo.

You can't rate deck due to there price.

friday 03/06/2011

Shinboo's deck seems like a good one for you to try.

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