thursday 26/05/2011

This is very cool. It seems like the cards used in dts today hasnt changed much. I am not an avid dt player but ill definitely try it out

wednesday 25/05/2011

Frankie Hi and Harold to Garrik and Rubie that way your garunteed two 6 damagers.

Its a very good deck.

You could allways try Hugo for a few DT's and see if you win more then you used too and if you don't and get less points the usally you could change back.

monday 23/05/2011

Obvious troll is obvious

If your new you should have 1000k how much battles have you lost how much cards did you buy?!!?!?!? I suggest you start winning some battles dude

saturday 21/05/2011

Kerry WILL have the opportunity to go first each and every time you draw her.... that is a 100% guarantee. whether not a rescue player capitalizes on this opportunity is up to them. but she will get a chance to go first 100% of the games that she appears in.

there are obviously bad draws vs all decks, but as i said... it would be draw dependent. i think we both agree that rescue is not dominated by SOB--- yes they can be dominated by the draw... lets say a bad draw vs SOA/SOB split deck. or a bad draw vs AS.

but the same can happen.. SOB or SOA clans can be absolutely dominated by Rescue --- but once again it is draw dependent. but if we are talking 8 cards vs 8 cards... then its a pretty even matchup that IS going to be DRAW dependent.

now back to the original post -- the answer is YES

Title says it... and here's my current version


thursday 19/05/2011

n00b DT deck smiley R&C guys havent used it yet

wednesday 18/05/2011

Since it's DT then make it 26 star

Hawkins if you cant afford just use Puff

If you must use type 2 then Katan to Selma and Sting to Ulrich (need a dr)

Yeah, even if u are aiming for 26-27* Tula, Hawkings, and Trey is too many 2 stars cards. I dont like Trey that much too easy to counter, even if u go 5 pillz expecting to get 4 back, thats just 30 atack and paying 6 would be a mistake for just 1 damage

sunday 15/05/2011

No random allways IMO

saturday 14/05/2011

Coraille, Gaia Noel, George, Ice Jim, Jeff, Joao, Lin Bee, Mac Hen, Miss Lulabee, Sandy, Serena, Stanly, Tafa, Taigo, Ulawele, Warren, & Zack

thursday 12/05/2011

Wouldn't use Copper, but Coby is quite good. If you are broke you should try this:

Step 1: Collect Underpants

wednesday 11/05/2011

Use 8 if you wanna quick 2 hit
Uppers + All stars

Its more expensive though.
I use Montana with avola 10k
And Ive got 150k just from Dt's I played a ot lol, havent won
When I get Vickie I might win

sunday 08/05/2011

It was a new clan release.

Mods, please close.

friday 06/05/2011

Necro'd outdated thread. Prizes have been awarded. Mods, please close.

wednesday 04/05/2011

I have 10000 alecs sos i dont havs to worry plz close thiz threadz

monday 02/05/2011

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Here is a very cheap Piranas clan that's got solid power, good damage, great attack manip and relatively cheap! Although replace Hawkins Noel with Hawkins if you can spare the 10k for him. It's easy to learn and very satisfying to use. smiley

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