monday 02/05/2011

thursday 28/04/2011

Hi. My event is due to start. When I try to generate matches, an error text comes up saying there was an error, too many face-offs (204smiley.

Ive tried changing the group and battle numbers and the same error text appears.

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it. Thanks. is the event

Really? i find melvin better than dayton anyday.. and if you want you can switch owen for havok

Total agreement with the elo ban/dt penalty overhaul, im not gonna start the whole 'unban _____ not op with more life" but i'd like to see cards like jackie cr more of a hindrance to use

tuesday 26/04/2011

You could put a Yookie in there somewhere alot of roots deck have him because hes a good wall card.
Then with yookie in u can take out your other three star for lily since yookie can be your dr and with lily u can set up 2hko with furied cards or nerfeniti. Thats just my advice of what i would do srry if i didnt help you out much.

monday 25/04/2011

this is my 1st time in like 2 years trying at a Dt
i have never done well, i have no idea what im doing, how can i smiley

can you please hop inside the preset link, answer my 6 questions (listed in the bio) it would help alot...

im on a mission for clintz so i wanna do well smiley

thanks go to the mods and the general UR communtity

Go with Yellowstar's Idea Melvin is more fore Elo

sunday 24/04/2011

Ill say ill goto sentinel for cheapest and tactical cards
Havok is an example
and katja,zhang,malia and john are all cool cards,
martha and melvin are good too

Social Charity DT i know it's a lot of bans but tell me what to change&&thanks modssmiley

Well see im having a hard time of even gettin good player so if someone coud private sell me a good that woud be awesome

Hey i was wondering if i could make any improvements to my la junta elo deck the maximum change cost limit is the selling cost of the card + 2500clintz the link to the deck is here-

saturday 23/04/2011

Cheap deck: Redra, Dwan, Deebler, Cley, Danae, Sandro, Zeke, Drake
Better version: Redra, Tomas, Sasha, Cley, Danae, Sandro, Belgosi/Manfred/Greem
Expencive staples: Caelus Cr(perma-banned), Jay, Chiara, Praxie

Dt rescue is pretty simple: Marlosh v.1 Rescue T1 and variations. Like marco to sledg or a 4, or you can have anita for steve, and things like this. The core cards are kerry, lea and elvira, and one damage reducer imo.

Soa or sob is a good helper for most of the clans. Pilar de protones I like very much. And I like the ideas behind Première descente des Vortex a sweet combination of attack manipulation, pill sucking and defence.

thursday 21/04/2011

I use montana and yes i agree they are very good in DT's (they're the reason i average 12-19 i appreciate everyone's advice (except Loki's) and i'll try putting 2 gud use

tuesday 19/04/2011

@Shadow: Belive its between 40 and 50

If you want a tourney deck, I would not recommand the clans you got. They are good clans for Survivor and ELO but DT needs Att/Power manip and 2HKOS so unless you could come up with a brilliant 2HKO Vortex deck, I think you should maybe invest in some Montana/uppers card maybesmiley

Can be made quite cheap, but there are alot of expencive and good cards too like Jackie Cr...

Gonna Try your Deck Lawlersaurus smiley

monday 18/04/2011

I don't really feel Scopica that musch but in Elo Sigma is banned therefore the poison is gone unless you get a Hystrix.

sunday 17/04/2011

I recomend Dregn his price goes real high on the market but I have tips on ways to buy. Add me as a friend and I'll help you.

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