tuesday 19/04/2011


I changed Auriela to Kyle smiley

Gonna Try your Deck Lawlersaurus smiley

monday 18/04/2011

I don't really feel Scopica that musch but in Elo Sigma is banned therefore the poison is gone unless you get a Hystrix.

sunday 17/04/2011

I recomend Dregn his price goes real high on the market but I have tips on ways to buy. Add me as a friend and I'll help you.

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Vampire Hunting
My 1st DT Win smiley

saturday 16/04/2011

Plz check it out, and give some advises on changing cards maybe?
Thx, only tryed it once though

How u doinnn smiley

thursday 14/04/2011

If you haven't tried a 16* DT deck yet...I suggest you try it. Lots of fun, and easy top 100 finish.


Thanks a lot

tuesday 12/04/2011

"damage manip like Rescue or Montana."

Anyways, atk manip is the way to go, I'd recommend Hugo, Sharon, Filomena, Aniki, Ace (after a few releases he'll drop to like 150 clintz), Nimesteic, Pieter, Corrina as a very basic all cards under 1k starter deck, then work your way up towards the staples

sunday 10/04/2011

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Piranas if you're on a tight budget. Uppers once you have the money.


Its for players with tight budgets, and players who wanna have fun. smiley

saturday 09/04/2011

@Repsajzx: If you're not going for 2hitkos, then its pretty decent.

thursday 07/04/2011

Here's my mono-junta + timber classic winner

Just bombing my way to victory

Its worth 16k but you could always remove jane ramba for junta's new 3-star

wednesday 06/04/2011

tuesday 05/04/2011

26* Rescue deck for T2:

There, you have all those. smiley

I suppose you could run something low starred and point scoring based...here's an example:

Gil - Tremorh - Jiro - Gibson - Dreen = 14*

Danae Chiara - Sasha - Praxie - Redra = 13*

Should be able to win 3 rounds out of 4 for some high scoring wins, and at least 2 rounds in a loss smiley

Redra is for Jackie Cr!

sunday 03/04/2011

Ohh i wil just go for UPPERS smiley

friday 01/04/2011

Gheist go very well with the all stars. you can make a cheap half deck for barely anything, too.

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