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saturday 05/03/2011

The URBAN AWARDS will take place tommorow night and you ONLY HAVE 1 DAY TO VOTE!
The URBAN AWARDS are similar to theemmys, grammys, golden globes and stuff like that but for UR!
these are the categories for you to vote in!(to vote you have to PM me the category and your vote)



there will be alot more categories next month at THE 2011 APRiL URBAN AWARDS!

Yeah !
Im Willing To Enter Absolutely Any Event as long as :
1 - It is a lottery
2 - the entrance fee is free or under 500
3 - the prize contains jackpot
4 - the maker cannot take any jackpot

I Will Join ABSOLUTELY ANY LOTTO if its under these circumstances

friday 04/03/2011

Just want to ask a modern type 1 mono montana deck..i wanted to really compete in type1 rather than type2..pls feel free to post your (badly needed) suggestions..as of now my collection consisting vansaar, timber, avola, aniki, tino, filomena, milovan, ricardo and veccio..my curent deck consisting of the said cards above just remove vansaar..with my current deck i placed on the range 100th-150th place in dt type2 but i wanted to climb up more..

thursday 03/03/2011

Kevin, that would hardly ensure that things are fair. Someone could be level 5 and spend $600 or whatever to have all kinds of awesome cards, and then use a premade deck design from the forums and clean up without having to really know what he is doing.

Meanwhile, someone else might have NO CLUE how to play, but like the pretty pictures. So they play often, and even though they always lose, they gain EXP every battle. Eventually that person (with insane persistence) would be level 100, fighting with the big dogs but still using his starter cards because he doesn't even realize there is a market.

If two cards have equal attack, card with lowel level wins.
If two cards have equal attack and level, card which goes first wins.
Of course this is only for non-random battles.

wednesday 02/03/2011

Its the first one i know i can improve it but i dont know how.

tuesday 01/03/2011

Whats your price range?I use a deck thats great.It costs 10817 $ but its worth it.

Bruce*** 962
Chiro**** 3018
Dacote**** 1114
Dean ** 941
Isatis **** 751
Nahomi*** 1009
Tank*** 937
Wardog** 2087

monday 28/02/2011

@ ChF_Neon -
I also want to fibish top 10, which deck you have used to rank top 10 ?

sunday 27/02/2011

smileyThis has informed me greatly. Thank you all.

saturday 26/02/2011

No ,I found the timer hard at first.Now it seems ok.Same timer, just that I,ve grown used to the time allowed.Try to remember its a big thing going into a DM.You may be dealing with very young children.I,ve played alot of DM,and the way to score big is to keep on a streak,hope players don,t field half a dozen heavy DR.lol and keep cool. I,ve seen one player who just spams Kolossmiley he gets so many DM wins its unreal.lol

friday 25/02/2011

Stop is alreaddy an ability.

thursday 24/02/2011

11 messages

Rage of FCM could that one win a dt?

Ok thanks. i havernt ever played in a dt seriously. i always play for fun. preciate it

wednesday 23/02/2011

It could be work on new features?

tuesday 22/02/2011

monday 21/02/2011


I don't think it is the 'slow players' that we are targetting here, but the annoying 'stallers'. I call them annoying simply because I've come across plenty of them in my time in Daily Tournaments and I disliked it. A lot.

The problem is, it can be quite difficult to differentiate between the two at times.

sunday 20/02/2011

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I think you've got the wrong message board.

saturday 19/02/2011

Well dt t2 seems like gives me a lot of points..i'll try to follow those comments..thanks guys..

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