tuesday 08/02/2011

monday 07/02/2011

Seriously, smiley the 1:30 time limit is the most bogus thing in UR. It really needs to be changed to :45. Im sick and tired of having 7 min games when im taking less the 5-10 seconds to make my play. If people want to play slow games let them play in Survior or elo. DTs are all about playing fast and well at the same time. People have no business in the Type 1 and Type 2 rooms(during DT times) if all they are going to do is stop people for having a fair chance at winning dts.

"@Horo - why do you bother posting?" why not. There no point in this thread so I was asking does it matter.

Also pfs, why did you post?

"Just something interesting i think... geez dude y u hating?" not really hating and not really interesting.

saturday 05/02/2011

I also bought recently




Um...what deck?

Lol this should be in the events section.. but yeah i would definatly be i.. already in one in real life smiley Go Packers!!! smiley

Gheist is also a horrid choice right now with the sheer percentage of people playing Pirannahs right now, and Pirannah vs Gheist is a horrid matchup for Gheist.

Under that same token though, the suggestions of Montana & Rescue are also a bad idea for the same exact reason.

Right now, Skeelz & Vortex are your best options. Since they don't heavily rely on their bonus, their cards can do what they need to even under SOB with no confusion.

Another option is to ignore clans altogether and just play 8 guys who are the best in their star level. With such a large percentage of the field playing SOB, it's not that bad...

thursday 03/02/2011

I would swith out the whole Nightmare lot and go with Pirana, you could use Tula, Ulrich, Tyd, and Selma and or Hawkins, Ulrich, Tyd, and Selma, it would give your deck a little more flexibility.

monday 31/01/2011

I suggest this deck, it works well for me so far :


sunday 30/01/2011

I put together a nice 25* Montana/Uppers which can be used for ELO or Type 1 tourneys. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve or change it?

I see Rubie played a lot but I don't like her 5 Power so I use Harold and Oxen instead...Also in Tourneys people play Jackie Cr but is that effective because of the ELO ban?

Thanks for any help. smiley

Here's the link to the deck:


thursday 27/01/2011

I think that C-Wing and Neloe will slow you down and cost you crucial points. Caelus might also hurt losing you 2 points per match...

Harold is underrated! Use him in DT's for sure and ELO (depending on the week)

wednesday 26/01/2011

Those finishes make me feel inferior smiley stick to it, itll happen eventually

monday 24/01/2011

Montana would be the best bet for DT.


Prince Jr

It dosn't cost that much so you should be able to make it if you sell some of your other cards.


Is the best deck you can make using the cards you have.

FPC really only work if you have there expensive cards, so if your working on a budget then roots work the best.

friday 21/01/2011

Good draws, fast opponents, winning all of the matches you should (like you have a 16 star hand and you opponent has a 10) and a fair amount of matches where you're at the disadvantage (massive points for winning these but you can also get a decent amount losing too)

thursday 20/01/2011

For dt's use a deck with less starts...26* or 27*
Remember that cards with less starts gives you more pointssmiley

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