sunday 02/01/2011

Just stick to 6/0/6/win.

This usually doesn't have anything to do with Urban Rivals it self, but your internet speed. On a bad day, everything lags for me and I sometimes end up timing out but it's not UR's fault. Try closing up some tabs/windows while playing a DT, or maybe you just need to upgrade your flash player.

saturday 01/01/2011

Graksmxxt for me will be very expensive
i barely have 2k clintz at the moment and i personally dont like shogunn a lot instead of him cant i play lennox or chlora?

thursday 30/12/2010

I can't see the preset but in general with Rescue you will need to win 3 rounds. They don't have enough damage to just win by winning two of the rounds. In general I find that Rescue shines the most in low pill situations so I tend to use less than 4-5 pills and either try and get the opponent to overpill and beat my guy or try and win with my bonus. All decks are different though so it takes some time to get used to the strategy with the specific deck.


tuesday 28/12/2010

Kenny is no longer worth his price, go for option 2 and grab that glorg.

I dislike Praxie and Prung is very questionable as well.

Been rocking Jungo/Freaks and its pretty good. Winning really depends upon whether I get Esmerelda+DR or Askai(1000 clintz smiley ), who is incredible, in my hand. Just bluffing with Askai is great, as my opponents usually end up pilling mad to stop it.

I definitely want to get into nightmare, but all their good stuff is $$$$.

saturday 25/12/2010


deleted Averaged me 18.5pts per game with just the one loss. not bad at all smiley
Please Rate adn Comment though, i would love to hear your suggestions

Bristone -> Methane
Dolly -> Z3r0 D34d
Luba -> Darth/Astrid
Wardom -> XU52 (unsure on this one)

But as others have already said, GHEIST isn't exactly the top DT clan

friday 24/12/2010

I've pieced together some decks I made, one already gotten me 6th. How is:
Jackie Cr,

thursday 23/12/2010


please rate it!~

and i'm open for any suggestions, comments and replacements

i'm switching Ghumbo to Ambre depending on situations


tuesday 21/12/2010

Pushing your starcount as close to the lowest for type 2 as I can is something I have been doing for a while. This tends to mean I can have 1 or 2 five star cards with the rest being three or two star.

My main clan has been uppers my current deck is around 26-29 stars and I tend to at least always be in the top 1/3rd it not in the top 150 when I am rolling. I would go into my deck theory but there are just a few commonets that should just scream use me to help you win.

Thanks rex and honor

Thanks for the heads up everyone, I was getting irritated with not knowing why it was happening lol, might help me play a little better with that info as well. Very much appreciated!

Thanks people, I know now how do do it smiley

2DT! smiley
All due respect to the creator of this deck All-GioYNWA

Well, that being said, I would like to ask what 3star would be the best in using this deck:

1. Cley
2. Randy
3. Kreenk Ld

Other life manipulators such as zeke and sunder cant K.O., which is the main strategy with this deck.
With Cley I got 385 points, and ended up 9th place (my best so far smiley )

saturday 18/12/2010

Rescue Tourney Deck.. 10th Place

Place: 10th
Amount of Times: Once
Room: Fights T2 obviously

Dont have the screenshot but in the preset i have the battle history etc etc...


Money WINS!

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