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tuesday 30/11/2010

It looks good... too bad I don't have an extra 15k clintz laying around to afford to pick up the missing cards. smiley

monday 29/11/2010

Please close this thread. Game trollers.

friday 26/11/2010

Nvm, someone already posted this already. Wasn't taken when I made it...

thursday 25/11/2010

Estalt for Ghumbo.

Why do you have Hawkins there? If you want a non-Nightmare go for Spiaghi ; failing that there's Sheitane to keep thing Mono.

Splash card for a mono Uppers deck.

wednesday 24/11/2010


Here's what I've got so far. Any other Ulu Watu users out there care to share their vast wisdom with me?


Sorry pal but you had to go, anyway my new DT deck (Includes the fatman) ((No not diego)), have a look and see what you think. smiley

Yugirival - Hero
Yesterday at 17:21
No advantages at all, it affects your fair play score.

Not if you still play within the time limit

tuesday 23/11/2010

@H_____ shush now please you said quite enough

i think it would be nice to show you all time rankings and elo points ect on your profile it would be very nice indeed, infact i would love it to happen. as for tournament placings i never do well so i wouldnt be bothered.

and again @H__ your the one trolling so stop

Oh, good question. OK...
There for a good way is always get a hand of what cards you loosing from.
mostly i prefer junkz and 1 leader wich is hugo

monday 22/11/2010

I think the issue here is that they just recently added temporary staff bans and the wording remained the same from before that...
Sorry if someone mentioned that already, too much to read in detail.

saturday 20/11/2010

Well, if I had to salvage that list: Mitch, Myke, Tank, Leo, Timber, Katja, Rebecca, Amy.

Yeah, there are obvious replacement once you start getting rich but really, look at it from this angle: You have a half-deck with a Leader. 4 La Junta, 3 Sentinel, 1 Leader. Yes, generally, you'd go 4/4 since doing this can lead to a Leader/2/1 split but Timber+La Junta is a great starting combo, and the Sentinel's +8 is really better than nothing. You cover your bases fairly well- SoA, SoB, DR. Sure, Amy is a glaring weakness, but replacing her with Zdrone would make you go T2 and I think staying t1 would be best for now.

But before you even do that, once you have access to the Warehouse (or if you do already), go on a vendetta and level Vansaar.

Go into every game and 12 pill him until he's level 5, and then level everyone else in your Collection. Just do it- you have to level Vansaar at some point and once you get him out of the way, everyone else goes up pretty quick too if you just dedicate for a little while.

thursday 18/11/2010

Thanks guys, got some new thoughts about rescue. Hopefully soon ill be playing Piranas anyway.

wednesday 17/11/2010

Not to mention 90%of players telegraph that C wing play so badly I've actually gone 0-pill Fury on round one for lawl damage. (Not something I recommend you do every time but you feel like God when you pull it off.)

monday 15/11/2010

The obvious one to get rid of is Allan because he is the only Junkz clan member in your deck. As for who to get, there are several options with 700, but I recommend saving about 300 to 350 more and get Fifty. I hope my advice helps you out.smiley

Current elo week, tino and mona is player-banned. that's y the elo invalid pill =)

both fabio and mona kinda expensive for me. imma newbie haha.

sunday 14/11/2010

76th position! nice and congratulations smiley

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