saturday 23/10/2010

friday 22/10/2010

Change Glorg to Azgroth. Change Wardom to Toro. You can interchange Eyrik/Ambre/hugo as you choose.

If you have the clintz, Kolos for Oshitsune.

wednesday 20/10/2010

If you play against players with less points then 100 then you won't get a smaller amount of allotted time.

Players who play against each other with over 100 points have less time. Sadly you get paired with slow opps so try to rack in more points.

You could just be unlucky.

New ideas
8 more damage!!!!!!!smileysmiley
Anybody that can help would be my BBF smiley

monday 18/10/2010

Hey guys what is better for tournaments
winning with as much pills left as possible
winning by KO

Ps do winning with pills left over get you anything

saturday 16/10/2010

Try this deck , finished 9th with it , cheap and can easily net you points in t2 against many 5 stars


smiley I feel like i've been born again after reading this.

smiley As a fellow Ulu Watu fanatic and lover i can tell you that they are really built well for T2 play. That being said, you're best bet would be Deathmatch, as allready stated above. I have a preset that works really well. I'ts deleted and if the link didn't show then its called ULU WATU TO THE DEATH II. Feel free to message me any time, the Ulu Watu are my pride and joy smiley

This is the epitome of a deck i like being up against the least. Well done though smiley hope I don't see you in the DTs.

I enjoy destroying an opponent with my same clan (Ulu Watu most days) smiley and even more so one with my same deck smiley

friday 15/10/2010

But thinking about a pair up with another clan, suggestions please?

thursday 14/10/2010

Even as Kate pretends to sympathize with the players of UR, rest assured that my "Katred" will not diminish.

friday 08/10/2010

It's an ok T2 deck but i would swap azel to kenny because posion is not that good in t2 because usally peole try to 2 hit ko.

also i would swap cassandra for oshitsune.

How does it work? Tough question, it is generally put into sentrences to describe something e.g. "Move it!", it could refer to anything, but not sure about how it works. It just does.

wednesday 06/10/2010

Kevlaer to Graff
Kluwn to Loccio
Platoona for Blaaster

It has been deleted so it's probally not the best deck.

Why don't you serch for decks with high points in public presets.

You Did Not Win a Dt with that Deck smiley

And your highest survivor is only 5.

sunday 03/10/2010

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I think that this deck would be better in T2 with 2* more, couse u can get more points there.

Nice deck but i would change Dagg to Kobalth and then change Akendram to Grudj.

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