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wednesday 27/10/2010

I attempted running events that do EXACTY this. Unfortuantely (despite popular belief) I'm not a robot that can automatically do an event every hour of every day. So your idea would be EXCELLENT for a new game type, one that I'd probably spend most of my time in (other than ELO).


tuesday 26/10/2010

Okay, there are a few possible answers so I will try to get to them all.

1st possible problem. You are very, very unlucky and get 3/1 splits. Meaning that one card will not have a bonus.

Secondly, you could be running into Skeelz which negate SoA because it doesn't affect them.

You might be running into SoB or SoA as an ability or bonus and not be aware.

Maybe you could get a screen shot or post the deck you use and clans used against you (if you remember) and you could get further help from there. smiley

Do it at 60 mins remaining I did it at next tourny at 0 mins sure enough I win and it doesn't count.

Isn't it a -8 point penalty if you win with that deck though, 4 ELO banned cards?

I have learned that if u at least do some damage during each match, you get more than 3 points if u lose. keep that in mind

sunday 24/10/2010


So thas teh deck, but im really not sure whether to replace Glorg wiht kolos or not..and if so wat to drop down?
Or shud i leave it liek that?

If it means anythin

17:54 ..you lost by timeout against psynet (5-12) – your wins: -20 points and -1 Clintz
17:50 ..you lost against piccion19, Le Forze Oscure (0-7) – your wins: 5 points and 2 Clintz
17:46 ..you narrowly escaped from Camac, V3rSuS PL4y3rS (8-5) – your wins: 18 points and 5 Clintz
17:41 ..you beat MrMuscley Armz, Wise Men Developing (9-0) – your wins: 19 points and 7 Clintz
17:38 ..you narrowly escaped from CK-UisZtupid, (10-7) – your wins: 16 points and 5 Clintz
17:34 ..you narrowly escaped from Page Master, The Hybrids (9-6) – your wins: 23 points and 5 Clintz
17:29 ..you beat Sawertuo (7-0) – your wins: 22 points and 7 Clintz
17:25 ..you crushed xxmalcolmxx (14-0) – your wins: 21 points and 7 Clintz
17:20 ..you crushed beastly57, La Famiglia Rufina (13-2) – your wins: 19 points and 5 Clintz
16:48 ..you won by forfeit against trendycat (12-6) – your wins: 17 points and 7 Clintz
16:45 ..you drew with BERALIOS, I LOTTATORI (4-4) – your wins: 9 points and 3 Clintz
16:40 ..you beat deadfly03 (13-6) – your wins: 17 points and 5 Clintz

So yeh i lost twice (well once if u dun count lettin it time out, wat the phone rang?!?!?!?)
And i drew once

Thanks again. Been thinking seriously about Rescue and I think I'll give them a try. Wish I could afford Alec Cr - played against awesome deck using him just before.

So playing fast is not so important in ELO? I can't play in ELO yet (12th lvl) but I look forward to it. The whole play fast, get quick kills, seems a little chessy.

saturday 23/10/2010

friday 22/10/2010

Change Glorg to Azgroth. Change Wardom to Toro. You can interchange Eyrik/Ambre/hugo as you choose.

If you have the clintz, Kolos for Oshitsune.

wednesday 20/10/2010

If you play against players with less points then 100 then you won't get a smaller amount of allotted time.

Players who play against each other with over 100 points have less time. Sadly you get paired with slow opps so try to rack in more points.

You could just be unlucky.

New ideas
8 more damage!!!!!!!smileysmiley
Anybody that can help would be my BBF smiley

monday 18/10/2010

Hey guys what is better for tournaments
winning with as much pills left as possible
winning by KO

Ps do winning with pills left over get you anything

saturday 16/10/2010

Try this deck , finished 9th with it , cheap and can easily net you points in t2 against many 5 stars


smiley I feel like i've been born again after reading this.

smiley As a fellow Ulu Watu fanatic and lover i can tell you that they are really built well for T2 play. That being said, you're best bet would be Deathmatch, as allready stated above. I have a preset that works really well. I'ts deleted and if the link didn't show then its called ULU WATU TO THE DEATH II. Feel free to message me any time, the Ulu Watu are my pride and joy smiley

This is the epitome of a deck i like being up against the least. Well done though smiley hope I don't see you in the DTs.

I enjoy destroying an opponent with my same clan (Ulu Watu most days) smiley and even more so one with my same deck smiley

friday 15/10/2010

But thinking about a pair up with another clan, suggestions please?

thursday 14/10/2010

Even as Kate pretends to sympathize with the players of UR, rest assured that my "Katred" will not diminish.

friday 08/10/2010

It's an ok T2 deck but i would swap azel to kenny because posion is not that good in t2 because usally peole try to 2 hit ko.

also i would swap cassandra for oshitsune.

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