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friday 08/10/2010

How does it work? Tough question, it is generally put into sentrences to describe something e.g. "Move it!", it could refer to anything, but not sure about how it works. It just does.

wednesday 06/10/2010

Kevlaer to Graff
Kluwn to Loccio
Platoona for Blaaster

It has been deleted so it's probally not the best deck.

Why don't you serch for decks with high points in public presets.

You Did Not Win a Dt with that Deck smiley

And your highest survivor is only 5.

sunday 03/10/2010

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I think that this deck would be better in T2 with 2* more, couse u can get more points there.

Nice deck but i would change Dagg to Kobalth and then change Akendram to Grudj.

saturday 02/10/2010

That's a link to the page where u build ur deck, not actually ur own collection, to publish a preset follow this steps:
-create a preset on "Collection" -> "My Deck"
-click "Make my current Deck public"
-give it a name and a description (u need a different name from all others, description may be anything, even just a dot)
-click ur deck name to be taken for the deck's page (u shall get sth as this: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1527139 )

u can publish the link as i had it above or u can do like this(it will show just deck's name instead of link):
-choose only the last part ( preset=1527139, other number for yours ofc )
-change the = for :
-there you got: deleted

btw comment and rate, tht's my DT deck, based on low low stars for points even on defeat

Good deck but i would Swap casandra for Kenny or Oshitsune Because they would get the clan bouns too.

friday 01/10/2010

You need a deck which can easaly ko if you want to get to the top 10 because you need to play and win fast.

thursday 30/09/2010

It's not a glitch.

wednesday 29/09/2010

Nice t1 deck. Why don't you add an extra 2* and make it t2 you can get more points.

Nice deck could do well.

sunday 26/09/2010

Montana have low damage so i think it will be good to combine them with Sakhrom that have many Damager Card (or Life Gainer to make a gap ), good for T1
Uppers + Sakhrom i think will be more stable in T2

It's uh, actually not the computer's fault. I believe, in this case, your internet is causing you the time-outs. As long as you don't have like 500 Mhz of Ram or 1 Ghz of Cpu, you should be fine in the computer department.

saturday 25/09/2010

I typically play between 20 and 24 matches in a tourney. If i could win all of them, id be in top 5 every time, as it is i usually have six to eight losses, so i am almost just around ten some times below but more often just above.

Point being: twenty matches do happen, and four hundred points is a very possible achievement.

friday 24/09/2010

I kill them rescues with jungo and bangers nuff said
i just has trouble against anyone who can read through my pilling strategy

wednesday 22/09/2010

Evrything works fine with me

I don't think level has anything to with anything. It goes like this, lets say 40 vs 24. You add them together (64), the 40 has 40/64 chance of winning and your opponent 24 has 24/64. So you have about 62% chance of winning and your opponent 38%. Random is underrated, it all evens out, the winning because of random and losing because of it. Random has brought me at least 15 daily tournaments smiley

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