friday 03/09/2010

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Judging Kolos is a case where the pill-for-pill analysis fails completely. Kolos isn't about grinding an advantage, its about OHKO or mega bluff to drain all your pills. If you heavy pill Gatline vs bluffed Kolos = you are down 7 pills for 5 damage. You lose. Low pilled Gatline vs OHKO Kolos = you lose. You want something that can cover the 60 atk cheaply and do good amount of damage. Askai is a card that fits the bill, the Junta 5*s are another (Emeth or Nagatar are both good).

Pill for Pill analysis is for those cards that are designed to grind advantage, and with similar damage. Is it even relevant that 1* Ceasar beats Randy pill for pill? Odds are the Randy player will throw a few extra pills anyway.

thursday 02/09/2010

Yes those penalty's also apply to type 2

tuesday 31/08/2010

What do you think? deleted

monday 30/08/2010

I am a HUGE Piranas user so the only thing that really bothers me is those Skeelz because YAY i stoped your bonus that protects the ability ... but u still have your ability

sunday 29/08/2010

Krahhl, thx for info was unsure about tht of life, and i though 2* cards cuz i'm not seeing any combo of 1* cards tht can KO (ok, unless ur with one/both of these clans and opp was making the game to help u, but was putting a not completely cheat option), only can see 2*

friday 27/08/2010

Sorry, I thought I posted this in DM.

This very long blond moment was brought to you by FitJohn

wednesday 25/08/2010

Unless you opponent's cards were all 7 stars, you are obviously making some kind of mistake.

tuesday 24/08/2010

Decent deck

This proposal is (100%) bad, the idea of T1 (and not ELO) is allowing much more variety

monday 23/08/2010

Yes it'll work

saturday 21/08/2010

Spiaghi + Petra smiley
If you think that's too vulnerable to SOA, then go Petra and Lehane.
Nice deck smiley

friday 20/08/2010

thursday 19/08/2010

It's pretty good, although you need more two hit ko cards. Zatman --> Oxen. Ever since the DT penalties zatman has no purpose in type two tournament decks. Not enough damage to suffice his -2 points. Redra --> Chiara, Praxie --> Sasha, Samantha --> Rubie or Nellie. Don't be freaked out that I raised your deck two stars. Taking up five big stars is hugo. Hugo is there to provide support and help the other cards finish the match. He won't see much actual in-game play. Hugo is a bystander. So minus those five stars, you are left with his lower starred companions to earn you those points. Good luck smiley

Thralas. You are incorrect.
I have used Nightmare and it's an AMAZING clan.
Low damage? Psh, Nightmare's 2* do 3-4 damage. (Eadh, Mawpin, etc.)
Low power? Well, yeah, that's the biggest flaw in the Nightmare clan. I gotta agree with you on that one.
But, Nightmare has a huge diverse variety of possible gameplay.
For example, if you want a T2 Nightmare deck, you may use Kolos, Ghumbo, Oshitsune, etc. (But they're costly)
If you do get the clintz, get a Leader that'll boost their Attack/Power.
I recommend Ambre or Hugo.

Defnitely get Hugo. He can give Tula a great boost and give your pill pests a small boost.

Lamar Cr is wayyy too expensive, guys.
I would recommend with El Gringo or Oyoh. Oyoh is very solid against SoA, but El Gringo has amazing reduction.

wednesday 18/08/2010

The easiest way to win a dt is to use uppers+hugo or ambre, and montana+hugo. But if you want to continue using piranas I recommend adding hugo. His +6 attack will give your cards an advantage over your opponent by stopping their bonus and giving your an attack edge. Good luck smiley

Hmm your play style seems more suited to attack manipulation clans or clans with high damage. Uppers and Montana are great options and la junta will keep your opponent guessing who you will finish him off with after you get the first hit. Good luck choosing your clan smiley

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