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tuesday 21/09/2010

Actually just seen this thread too that'll possibly make more sense than my mumbling:


monday 20/09/2010

I think its worthwhile to run at least 1 staff banned, 2 comes down to which cards you're running. When I run Rescue in DT, I run Marco but not Alec Cr.

saturday 18/09/2010

Its good ?

The general solution to such problems is to clean the cache of your broser, update the flash and java versions, and restart the browser.
In 90% of the cases it solves the problem.


thursday 16/09/2010

Hi, new player (22) i have played this deck in DT [Hugo - Avola- Edd -Spiaghi -Oscar - Ficcanaso -Prince Jr- Filomena]
now i have some new card and some clintz put aside, for DT what do you suggest me? keeping straight whit this deck (maybe mona over hugo and sharon over ficcanaso) or playng a mono uppers7hugo - uppers? and in the case of the uppers witch deck will be good? i aldredy have Nellie dorian and jonas

tuesday 14/09/2010

Cley ain't useless without his bonus. I use him as a splash card on my tournament decks sometimes.

saturday 11/09/2010

@kris: every clan that isn't manipulation (power or attack) have an inherit weakness against SoA (their bonus doesn't help offset the SOA clan's ability) and every clan that isn't All Stars and is manipulation has inherit weakness against SOB (usually the stats are lower/ability not very good compared to SOB cards)

Having a weak spot doesn't mean you always lose those game, but that's the metagame in a shell.
SOA>non-manips>SOB>manips>SOA, with manips>non-manips and SOA>SOB

wednesday 08/09/2010

Oh I was wrong about turning off Missions, forget it.

sunday 05/09/2010

Good deck! smiley

saturday 04/09/2010

friday 03/09/2010

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Judging Kolos is a case where the pill-for-pill analysis fails completely. Kolos isn't about grinding an advantage, its about OHKO or mega bluff to drain all your pills. If you heavy pill Gatline vs bluffed Kolos = you are down 7 pills for 5 damage. You lose. Low pilled Gatline vs OHKO Kolos = you lose. You want something that can cover the 60 atk cheaply and do good amount of damage. Askai is a card that fits the bill, the Junta 5*s are another (Emeth or Nagatar are both good).

Pill for Pill analysis is for those cards that are designed to grind advantage, and with similar damage. Is it even relevant that 1* Ceasar beats Randy pill for pill? Odds are the Randy player will throw a few extra pills anyway.

thursday 02/09/2010

Yes those penalty's also apply to type 2

tuesday 31/08/2010

What do you think? deleted

monday 30/08/2010

I am a HUGE Piranas user so the only thing that really bothers me is those Skeelz because YAY i stoped your bonus that protects the ability ... but u still have your ability

sunday 29/08/2010

Krahhl, thx for info was unsure about tht of life, and i though 2* cards cuz i'm not seeing any combo of 1* cards tht can KO (ok, unless ur with one/both of these clans and opp was making the game to help u, but was putting a not completely cheat option), only can see 2*

friday 27/08/2010

Sorry, I thought I posted this in DM.

This very long blond moment was brought to you by FitJohn

wednesday 25/08/2010

Unless you opponent's cards were all 7 stars, you are obviously making some kind of mistake.

tuesday 24/08/2010

Decent deck

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