friday 23/07/2010

Too late...
I guess you can close!

Oh... but now that I read the topic and the description I see that you are asking for strategies xD... well... one of the important things is to try to predict what your opponent will do. Let me explain: if you send a card with high power like carlos your opponent will probably think twice before using pillz on his card. So, you send carlos with just a couple of pillz. This is called bluffing, and it's useful to gain pillz advantage in a match if your opponent tries to defeat your card or to do a little free damage if your opponent doesn't use pillz.

Also, I would recommend that you save your high damaging cards, like zdrone, for the later rounds, because it doesn't matter if your opponent wins all his rounds with low damaging cards, if you send zdrone with fury you can easily win a match. Of course, you should do this if your opponent has low damaging cards or if you have a life advantage over your opponent.

Another advice is that you always go for the KO. I mean, if you have the oportunity to send a high damaging card in the first or second round you should do it, because that way you will have the advantage over your opponent. You can use this advantage to play mindgames with your opponent: you can bluff making your opponent think that you are going for the KO or you can go for an unexpected KO with a card with fury. But you shouldn't always rely on these tactics, because everybody plays in a different way.

Anyway... you should consider buying a pack or 2 :thumbs

thursday 22/07/2010


Please close.

Put Peeler/Fuzz for Malmoth when you get the money, then Alexei to Striker.

monday 19/07/2010

Okay, 4-2-2 split just won't work like you want it to.

sunday 18/07/2010

Hugos elo banned

All star/Junkz works well for me in t1. Gil (the biggest cost of the whole deck) Dreen, Tremorh, Veenyle, Randy, Robb, Jessie, Stacy.

19 stars will give you consistent draws of low star value with big hitting cards that can amass a lot of points very quick even when losing. Around 20k for the deck though if you wanted to lower the cost you could beef it up a little with Gibson (excellent value for the power he brings) or Onik if you are concerned about keeping the star count low. Keanew or Otakool are both good replacements too as one gives a cheap soa and the other some great attack manipulation.

I find in 15 mins I can easily get enough points to get a credit with this deck as the low star count means it does not draw against as many big hitting cards.

saturday 17/07/2010

Final Ver.

I used to run a Nightmare deck with Kolos too but the elo ban on him just kills your points you earn for winning. Hugo is also ruining that so you might want to switch both of them out to put in Glorg and maybe Oshitsune or Nistarok.

friday 16/07/2010

Very nice way of putting it.

It seems like Aggro will always come out on top due to the points system and the fact that tournaments run off of real time but each game exactly does not. SO aggro has the advantage because they can finish a game in 2 rounds which might last 1 minute 30 seconds while someone else without aggro would have to play for the full 4 rounds which might take 4 minutes.

Ambre uppers or hugo montana works great smiley

thursday 15/07/2010

2 things you should do.

1. Get rid of dr's from your dt deck. dr's slow down battles, and dt is all about getting in fast battles.
2. Try replacing perma banned cards which will give you -pts
3. Add a bit more +life, as they give you bonus pts in dt

so i'd suggest graks to jautya, uranus to petra, wakai to nimestiec, and sting to tydsmiley

hope i helpedsmiley

Mawpin ,Pan, Azel, Sargh

Chiara, Redra, Zeke, Aylen

That 25 stars and can win you rounds.

tuesday 13/07/2010

But if ur nightmare go for type2 ive placed in the top 25 in type two with nightmare , kolos, oshitsune,kenny,glorg,dieter,azgorth,azel,pan,lelena,ghumbo. beast

monday 12/07/2010


Thats the Uppers deck i use and i get top 5 daily, now i know Ambre is abit expensive but your nearly level 35 so its something to consider, if your looking for top 25 in DTs i wouldnt recommend Sakrohm. There best cards involve abilitys such as + life, DR ect..which just slows down the game, now if your looking for a good half to go with Uppers your best bet would be montana, although people can get top 5 with la junta/bangers ect...its just a matter of speed and wins, also try going for a 26* deck.

Lowed Stared Dt I find this one to work well still.

saturday 10/07/2010

You NEED 26 -28 stars to do well. And you CAN win with them. This deck got me 9th;

Can't remember the link, but that's it smiley

thursday 08/07/2010

I guess you're right overmannus I shouldn't be complaining just cause the game doesn't fit my criteria, I'm being selfish..

wednesday 07/07/2010

Is this for DTs???

its tough to run Pussycats in DT since you lose a lot of time if you want to activate their bonus..... but if you want to run Pussycats for DT. I would suggest that you run some high damage pussycats.... Charlie Yayoi etc... and make sure the other cards can 2HKO with you heavy hitters.... this is what makes Randy a great card at 3 stars.

without 2 hit KO threats, a DT deck with pussycats will be too slow i think

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