monday 02/08/2010

Taking time to try to maximize your wins and the number of points you get per game is generally not as reliable. You may spend five minutes on a game that you end up losing and getting maybe 7-10 points. Going for quick games will net you faster points and usually more. However, if you are stuck against a slow opponent, you could still spend a lot of time on one game and still lose. Both playing styles can win you the tournament or leave you at 151st place.

For fast players, use the time during your opponent's turn to think of possibilities and play your turn as quickly as possible. Sometimes the best thing to do is just toss in a random number of pillz. As long as you don't go about it stupidly, your chances of winning aren't really lower since you don't know how many pillz your opponent will use anyway.
Two hit KO's are fast and effective; sometimes bluffing the second round and KOing the third will do the trick. Playing aggressively and screwing with your opponent's mind can cause them to mess up, but you don't want them taking too long to make a decision.

Also, don't underestimate the power of weak cards. Especially something like Strynge against an attack manipulation clan. Toss in a few extra pillz for some unexpected damage and then go for the two hit KO.

Not bad i got 760...smiley

I really don't understand why people waste time in DT, it makes me ragesmiley

saturday 31/07/2010

I came deleted with this deck.

friday 30/07/2010

Gave the wrong link. here it is. preset=1416015

To be honest your deck is only about 2000 clintz lower then my budget deck
Ballroom Blitz!

It may look conceited to be talking up my own preset, however it is a BUDGET DECK, it has been heavily tested in DT, I've won multiple DTs' with the deck, and it will more then get your money back so you can invest in other cards that you want.

If not, I'd recommend you take a look at any other attack manipulation/power manipulation clans and go from there. You already have some sakhrom cards so you could try and put something semi-decent with them.

Forget Dacote, he isn't as Staple as the Standard Bryan (as long as it doesn't break the bank.
Another cheap one I prefer is Dean over Winston also because of Dean being more Staple, unless you need a damage reducer smiley

Many people don't take the Junta so seriously, especially as a mono clan. But if your strategically aggressive with this deck, you can basically force your opponent to tap out (It's happened to me before) WOOT go Junta.

thursday 29/07/2010

monday 26/07/2010

If this is for a DT deck, you should rethink. DTs will work better for you the lower your star count. So for T2, 26-29 Stars is ideal and for T1, 20-25 or even lower.

So, my suggestion for a Deck would be:
All Stars:
Jessie Randy Striker Marina
Gil Gibson Rowdy Onik

Which is 26 stars

Gil and Jessie are among the 2 best 2 Stars in the game, just as Rowdy, Striker, Gibson, and Marina are some of the best 4 stars.
Since there's a lower star count, you'll earn more BPs in your DT and get you higher quicker than a high star deck.

I need some suggestions for my nightmare deck. smiley

this is my deck so far:


The only part of the link you need is
preset : 1406414

Just take the spaces out to get it like I have it above.

Other than that, The deck is interesting for sure. It will definitely win matches but to get high in DT's, it's about speed. So having a DR like Graks in there when he can only KO with Skrumxxt is kinda not good. La Junta has good higher star cards too. Maybe swap Skrumxxt to Uranus and Bruce and Nahomi up to Bryan and Gatline. Nata to Na Boh and Murray to Petra.

Since Graks is Perma Elo Banned, you will get -2 points in each hand you draw him, whether he's played or not.

sunday 25/07/2010

I actually posted this earlier, but people kept rating down my deck so I decided not to preset it...


While it looks slow, it can be played somewhat fast and it can get a very decent amount of points. I got 30th place in my last DT and that was only because I had to leave before the end.

I don't think it was useful to create a second subject just for the link to your preset. You could post it into your first subject. smiley
Anyway, Ambre instead of Estalt . You're level 34 so you'll get her quickly

saturday 24/07/2010

I don't think so. Vortex means you have to lose, and you want DT's to be quick. 28 stars is pretty hefty aswell, so you won't win that much.

Copy paste the url of your deck here because we won't be able to find it with the search engine
too many presets' titles with the word nightmare

friday 23/07/2010

I never figured how to do that, thxsmiley

Unless this rescue deck we r all talkin about in here has no leader support then basically Uppers,Montana,Sakrohm,Junkz,Sentinel,Piranas,Nightmare, Roots and GHEIST can put them in a lot of trouble

Too late...
I guess you can close!

Oh... but now that I read the topic and the description I see that you are asking for strategies xD... well... one of the important things is to try to predict what your opponent will do. Let me explain: if you send a card with high power like carlos your opponent will probably think twice before using pillz on his card. So, you send carlos with just a couple of pillz. This is called bluffing, and it's useful to gain pillz advantage in a match if your opponent tries to defeat your card or to do a little free damage if your opponent doesn't use pillz.

Also, I would recommend that you save your high damaging cards, like zdrone, for the later rounds, because it doesn't matter if your opponent wins all his rounds with low damaging cards, if you send zdrone with fury you can easily win a match. Of course, you should do this if your opponent has low damaging cards or if you have a life advantage over your opponent.

Another advice is that you always go for the KO. I mean, if you have the oportunity to send a high damaging card in the first or second round you should do it, because that way you will have the advantage over your opponent. You can use this advantage to play mindgames with your opponent: you can bluff making your opponent think that you are going for the KO or you can go for an unexpected KO with a card with fury. But you shouldn't always rely on these tactics, because everybody plays in a different way.

Anyway... you should consider buying a pack or 2 :thumbs

thursday 22/07/2010


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