tuesday 22/06/2010

I am prefer Hugo than Bridget since you use many Sentinel

monday 21/06/2010


any feedback.is apreciated

sunday 20/06/2010

Sometimes its not just all focusing and thinking and all that, it can be a lot of luck. A lot of things you do and moves you or your opponent make are luck. I know people who roll a dice to find out how many pillz to play. I mean you can focus and think all you want but you will never know for 100% how many pillz your opponent is going to play in all 4 rounds, so you could throw out 4 pillz and your opponent throws out 5, you could throw out 1 your opponent 0, you can just get lucky, or unlucky in some cases.

saturday 19/06/2010

friday 18/06/2010

Hmm but perle can great a six life point gap and is imune to damage reduces quite well. cant you have both?

What if they read the bluff? What if they use an SoA, SoB (Kinjo), or DR? Game end I guess...

thursday 17/06/2010

Definitely follow avist's suggestion. Also, I personally find Wakai more useful than Na Boh, but that might be just me... you'd think Murray negates Wakai's need, but I still find him wonderful. I'd recommend to try him out but it's up to personal choice whether to go Wakai or Na Boh.

wednesday 16/06/2010

I play DT T2 with no 4/5 stars... And you rack up heaps of points.

tuesday 15/06/2010

Is not always all or nothing

monday 14/06/2010

Mono Junta It works

sunday 13/06/2010

Try to play faster. Playing cards faster and finishing matches faster with ko-s.

If you are pro and have experience in anticipating your opponent moves and adjusting the amount of pills then go with Fuzz else you may consider other cards. Also by changing Fuzz with Sireen you are able to play in elo/T1 or maybe changing Lolly with Veenyle

saturday 12/06/2010

What is in your deck???

friday 11/06/2010

Um... as a ELO player, I'm sorry to tell you that the deck won't carry you past 1200 ELO (unless you are seriously beast, and average top 100 ELO easy with a regular deck... which I kinda doubt) ...your cards just lack threat, and lower star count is absolutely pointless in ELO where the goal is to just solely win.

It is a good DT deck,
try and re arange it a bit and toss in a leader smiley

thursday 10/06/2010

Need help buying cards, message me smiley

tuesday 08/06/2010


saturday 05/06/2010

Link is broken. Could we have the deck you would like improved here please?

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