monday 05/07/2010

Montana+Hugo Powerfull and cheap
Hugo - get it free when reach lv 15.
Avola - very powerfull 5 star card. Normally i use it after use other cards
Total price is below 7000 Clintz
Easy to win Type 1 match.
It is very good for beginner.
Rate it please.

saturday 03/07/2010

If you want jessie to stacey but your choice because in dt's you want to win fast not gain life to widen gap.

friday 02/07/2010

Is this any good for tournament?

Thanks, again it was deleted, grr that angers me its not like it was a silly deck I posted and that it wasnt intresting. It does annoy me that presets arent just left alone! Hmm Prince Jr good problem is roots and gheists however he would still have 4 damage and the montana bonus against those clans, I might try that.

If u got the money, definetly get toro.Good luck in your deck building.smiley

Oh nice. I guess then I'll be fine. that last tourney went REALLY well.

Not sure if I want Heegrn or Sunder in instead of Deea... it's a tough choice.

Lost hog is a lost cause either trade him in for a lower star or any of fpc's wonderful 5 stars

thursday 01/07/2010

Don't play fang pi if you want to make it to top 10 cause the reality players are using to get to top 10 are gheist, montana, uppers.

friday 25/06/2010

Umm... I would still like comments...?


Lacks in damage.

yeah i had to make a change

thursday 24/06/2010

Tomas? What about Caelus?

Oh right, ELO...

Frankly I'm not too fond of either, they're both bulky and don't have damage worthy of a 5*. Especially if you're going for a T1/ELO deck, I'd consider doing some star rearranging and putting some of AllStar's good 4*s into your deck. Marina and/or Striker if you have lots of money; Loma Noju/Alexei/Asporov if you don't.

If you're doing T2, get both. T2 decks are easy; just cram your deck with all of the 5/4*s you like best from a clan. Profit.

Here is the deck I use for tournaments:
If you are too lazy to look at that, here it is:

Any ideas on how to improve it?

tuesday 22/06/2010

Thanks, no one is giving feedback on the deck yet smiley

I am prefer Hugo than Bridget since you use many Sentinel

monday 21/06/2010


any apreciated

sunday 20/06/2010

Sometimes its not just all focusing and thinking and all that, it can be a lot of luck. A lot of things you do and moves you or your opponent make are luck. I know people who roll a dice to find out how many pillz to play. I mean you can focus and think all you want but you will never know for 100% how many pillz your opponent is going to play in all 4 rounds, so you could throw out 4 pillz and your opponent throws out 5, you could throw out 1 your opponent 0, you can just get lucky, or unlucky in some cases.

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