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friday 28/05/2010

Ive played a deck like that like sorcerer's in t1 to, and i know how maney bp's it can get you smiley
the pill manips make a great 4wins combo with all 2/3 stars smiley but i usually screw up the winningstreak somewhere
allong the dt smiley im just not a good enough player for it i geuss haha,

Well Jackie is beast in Dt's and it is very hard to beat Uppers in DTs as well because of their very strong bonus and some great cards. Of course you'll see Hugtana because 18 attack difference is quite good. And montana is a very strong clan.

I'd say that Montana could get you a win in a DT but I never actually won a DT. So as FIF said, keep trying, learn the techniques with your deck or post it here get suggestions. I dunno but everything will help. smiley

thursday 27/05/2010

Thanks to the new dt rules, ulu watu is now almost completely worthless in T2 Dts. now that Tan and Weelee cost points in every match that you draw them, it is terrible playing ulu in dailies. Since they were already behind the classic uppers/montana decks due to low dmg which hurts in the fast playing 2hko dts. Taking away the cards that solved that problem by giving tan and wee lee a penalty only makes them worse. So... please ignore suggestions to get tan and wee lee in dailies.

wednesday 26/05/2010

All Stars/Uppers...TYPE 1. Is a preset i just made...I haven't gotten to testing it yet, but it seems pretty stable, and i won my first quick match with it....whaddya think?

Hey, I just created this deck for DTs. I'm not doing that great with it though and was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions. Thanks a lot!


Well since winning in Training Room can get a little extra XP for characters, I always try to win. =P
Like, a Level 1 (with Vansaar in LW) can level up in 1 battle if you win that battle. Otherwise that level 1 takes 2 battles.

sunday 23/05/2010

"If the retry doesn't work on one try, I won't retry again, go down and hit the refresh button and then the Fight Now button up top. Usually gets me another opponent."

Yep, this worked for me.

friday 21/05/2010

Correction, placed 9th smiley despite losing more than half of my matches (I really need to work on tactics ;o )

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