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saturday 06/08/2016

Hello,I am looking for a deck/decks to pass Season 3 HQ 2 Arcade. Thanks to everyone.

^ If you're a noob what am I? smiley

monday 11/07/2016

Sahil i am laughing hard lmao smiley

friday 01/07/2016

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@HipHoppa for more solutions

tuesday 21/06/2016

Draheera , Toro, Methane, Rolph, Leviatonn, djengo , Arkn, , Z3r0 D34d

monday 20/06/2016

My Mystery Box seems to be stuck at 9/10 no matter which mode I win in. I tried this on the same acct. on the phone app but result is the same. Pls help

sunday 12/06/2016

@DanTe I disagree with the idea that Agustino is an exceptional card. Sure, it's easy to win a round with him, but with 2 damage it won't really matter.

saturday 04/06/2016

@masidu that means you are using cards that are penalized in DT , see this http://old.urban-rivals.com/en/game/tournaments/history/ - in that group A -25 , group B and group C cards are the cards that are penalized , so if u use any one of them you will get negative points smiley , for more information pm me smiley

tuesday 24/05/2016

That's kind of bad and kind of good

thursday 19/05/2016

Haha I know, but something's weird. I love the fact I get so much clintz from two or three matches smiley

wednesday 18/05/2016

tuesday 17/05/2016

Thank you!! Very fast reply too smiley

tuesday 10/05/2016

Phyllis is good, so is Artus.

thursday 28/04/2016

You can try this one, I made Top 10 with it.


friday 22/04/2016

I assume you're on a budget, or you would have included Trish. Nonetheless, with La Junta dmg is king. So Trish and Naja Ld are great 3-stars because they deal a massive 7 damage. In the deck above I'd sub one of them for Mileena. I prefer Arnie over Gatline as he can fork on Turn 3 for the win or the do-over. And of course, Raven/Pilzken for Brianna.

Lehane over ZRobbie though I think she has a penalty in DT (and is obviously ELO banned). Martha is noticeably absent and she's a nice card in mono (I'd almost use her over John). The rest are decent but you'll probably want to replace Harvey and Irene at some point, probably with a 5/3 combo (like martha, and maybe Pavel).

friday 15/04/2016

Sweet I'll stick westwood in and ill save up for pavel. Thanks!

sunday 10/04/2016

Nightmare: Oshitsune,Pan,Edwin,Crowen,Sukareto,Hubert,Crunchy/CybilPhyllis (which one you prefer),Sargh/Dieter/Erzsebet

Piranas: Amiral Coco,Hawkins,Taljion,Tyd,Puff,Raeth,Raskal/Sting/Coleridge/Scubb (which one you like),Rekved/Jasmine (personal preference)

monday 21/03/2016

@13 Yes Balorg is great and I did thought about him... but i ended up using Elke instead! It may seem a bit odd but it kinda worked, maybe, I guess. GHEIST T1 - Elke this is the preset (http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2854857) but I do miss Klawz and Balorg against some clans, but Elke has worked very well as a bluffed bluff.

Speaking of La Junta help, La Junta needs some help. Staff has gone crazy with penalties on La Junta cards. Sabia, maybe a little unbalanced, okay. Milena, this is getting kinda stupid. Tolliver????????????? Why does Tolliver have any kind of penalty??????????? Why does staff hate La Junta so much? First they take out DM, which La Junta ruled at, then there's the fact that it's hard to KO in Elo due to 14 life, and now they're ruining Junta Tourney decks? Seriously staff, chill out on these penalties.

sunday 13/03/2016

I'm sorry Im stupid smiley , I put the lady in the market, and I hope that someone will buy it for 60,000 smiley
Beacuse l need ''
better cards '' smileysmileysmiley

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