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monday 07/03/2016

Well, Phoebe is penalized by only -1point so no big deal i guess
You can see penalty in card' page, right under illustrator and rarity
LJ are also penalized just slightly, of course if it's not General Cr or Emeth Cr you're using smiley
I'd still advise to avoid penalized cards, but if they boost your winrate really good then it's worth it

monday 25/01/2016

Can you suggest a few presets sir? smiley

thursday 14/01/2016

thursday 31/12/2015

Are you going for type 1 or 2?

tuesday 29/12/2015

Hmm that deck loks prtty good to me. Maybe you could somehow try and fit Glover and another 3 star in there by taking out Dean and Scooty. It will make the deck sightly more consistent and also because Glover is really good, but what you have now is stil good smiley

monday 21/12/2015

sunday 20/12/2015

saturday 12/12/2015

I was curious because I've never used All Stars, what's a good all stars deck that can get me in the top 10 of DT?

Currently I use bezerks and get 25-30 very consistently, however with how the class is, I'm pretty sure I'll have a much easier time with a different class.

wednesday 09/12/2015

sunday 29/11/2015

Chiro to bryan or gatline smiley

sunday 22/11/2015

Use a decent deck with 26 stars
then win every game with 4 rounds
you will probably get 1st smiley

saturday 14/11/2015

I'm hoping for a good uppers deck that is playable in DT t2
because junta are out this weekend
You can post presets for suggestions smiley
and advises are always appreciated and welcomed smileysmileysmiley

wednesday 11/11/2015

Well.. okay smiley) will try smiley

tuesday 10/11/2015

IM Using uppers with Jackie and Zatman included in TL1

friday 06/11/2015

saturday 31/10/2015

Though im thinking in changing chiro with wyre

wednesday 28/10/2015

I made a better one which had worked for me got me to Top 7 with 352 points http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2844444

saturday 24/10/2015

Oh ok ic2 i understand now

friday 23/10/2015

thursday 22/10/2015

Every DT game you play, you lose points from your score for the penalized cards.
They don't even have to be in your hand, just your deck.
(i.e. My hand of Kerry, Glosh, Sue and Anita still get a -2 point penalty because I have Dr Norton in my deck).
This means if you completely bomb a game (or get 1HKOed), the penalty still applies (meaning you receive -X points instead of 0). You can ignore the penalty, but you just have to win more to compensate.

The list on penalties can be found here:

On a side note: Does anyone know when the detailed score button stopped working in game? It used to tell you how many points lost due to 'malus characters' but it doesn't anymore...

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