friday 04/09/2015

Riots - La Junta [+503]
wrong link. Riots/La Junta

sunday 09/08/2015

I would faker, but I'm not gonna use a card with - points attached to them.

saturday 01/08/2015

I recently just started playing this, and bought some elite packs with Junkz, Pussycats, Piranas, and Uppers. I think the cards I got for Junkz were better, so I'm trying to make a deck for them. Could I get some suggestions for this deck?

wednesday 29/07/2015

It depends on how well you do in the DT.

When I won the DT I had 24 wins 3 losses 0 draws. I probably normally have about 8 losses in a DT and like 17 wins.

saturday 25/07/2015

Yea just the art

friday 24/07/2015

Take out Victor use Bryan.
Take out Archibald and use Thormund.

thursday 23/07/2015

I actually really like that idea m80s. Definitely the one I spend less money on.

wednesday 22/07/2015

I do ok with:
D4 Funk Dash Dreen Eebiza Neil Nobrodroid Onik Sferik (around 30k) or sub Qubik for Eebiza (makes it around 40k)

I use the 1st 1 for type 1 and all 9 for type 2 (usually place around 25-50)

monday 20/07/2015

Wrong forum.

saturday 18/07/2015

Really thought it was a preset for decks that gotten +500 on them so sorry

pleas except my apology

friday 17/07/2015

Wrong thread

sunday 12/07/2015

Thanks titan. I even made a preset lol.

tuesday 07/07/2015

4 messages

This one i made for a tourny an it seems to be doing the best in all but might need a tweek hear an ther

smiley well you wont the leader that lets you go second i find is great for my style of play with gheist.

saturday 04/07/2015

They are same 2rounds AAmir can win and 2rounds Robb Cr
see Price Buddy...

sunday 28/06/2015

Thnx everyone, I will use -2 points cards thensmiley

friday 26/06/2015

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monday 15/06/2015

sunday 14/06/2015

Those are a little outdated? Fixit, Zoe, beeboy, b bazooka, even Clifford are around now

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