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Though unlikely to happen and has not happened yet, I will leave a note to use the protocol for dealing with Cr/Mt announcement trading disputes when dealing with cards that receive a SHIFT. The circumstances are similar to a Cr/Mt announcement. A card gets removed by the market temporarily then players can back to the market once it settles.

The number "50" is meant for editing.

While I put 50 Clintz, it is because that is the lowest you can sell cards for to another player.

Sure, I can work on a sample thread.
Players can copy and edit.

I will do the same for Buy, Sales and Purchases.

Already updated. smiley But if anyone else wants to add some common french terms to this, feel free to give me a PM. smiley


Also selling a Ratanah Mt full xp for 1.1m it trade for crs/cards/cash

I can give you every dominion and hive card if you want to

I would like to trade my 5 copies of Death Adder 0xp for your Ymirah Cr 0xp + 125k.

The current market prices:
Death Adder 0xp - 485k
Ymirah Cr 0xp - 2.3m

5 copies of Death Adder = 2,425,000
Ymirah Cr = 2,300,000 + 125,000 = 2,425,000


Toro Cr - 135,000
Hawkins Cr - 120,000
Kinichaw Cr - 135,000
Mechakolos Cr - 310,000
Aldebaran Cr - 455,000
Beeboy Cr - 470,000
Maana Cercei Cr - 500,000
Kalindra Cr - 975,000
Total around 3.1 Million

Looking for several copies of
Ongh Cr 0xp
Cortez 0xp

Pm me for the fastest reply. Thanks!

Still looking, thank you so much to everyone that have sent me some to my PS smiley

If the el divino were 0xp then good job to whoever bought them.. the rest looks overpriced though

Trading my Ymirah Cr 0xp for Tessa Cr 0xp and Lamar Cr any xp

All that we can say is to try contacting support again or Pm an admin like ON_QUISTIS

monday 30/03

As the title suggests, I trade Kiki Cr 0xp for Kiki Cr Fullxp with difference in clintz. Agreement by pm

Would you be wiling to trade an Akrakk 1.2m at lvl 3 for your Xantiax Robb Cr?

sunday 29/03

#Maana Cercei 550k
250k cash or #ImperaSloan Cr

Well, I want to exchange my Lyse Teria for Dj Korr, to supply the difference I offer Impera Sloane Cr, Death Adder and Dwain Cr, all at Market prices.
I am also open to other proposals: I have 300k cltz and cards like No Love, Beltrán Cr, Volkan Cr and others,
I would also be interested in Lyse and Volkan for Dj Korr and Sum Sam or Splata! A greeting, and what I said, I am open to negotiate.

Quetzal CR?

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