Though it rarely happens, I feel some things are worth highlighting due to some PMs occasionally sent on rare dispute.
This is not an addition to the rules, but rather some guidelines worth pointing out in the event of of one between buyer and seller.

Personally, these incidents rarely happen nowadays, but it might be worth pointing out if you are new to using Market Threads and need to know how to get started.


Not really enforced, but as a guideline we are cautious towards any thread where players ask to buy a card for 75% of its current market value.

[BUY] Death Adder for 800K
(Death Adder`s current market value is 1.2M at the time of example)

We ask if you want to make a thread aiming to buy a card, lowest you should ask for it should be 75% of their market value

Reason being is nobody might take it seriously if players kept making these types of threads and is susceptible to spam. We take action against these threads before it gets out of hand.

If a Moderator finds out or believes that the card you are offering is NOT in your POSSESSION, they have the right to verify with you or close your thread.

Although the rules do not specify it, if an offer has been posted for 2 weeks and no changes are made or updates, such threads are considered expired.
-A comment bump is not an update. Price change or looking for other cards are considered one.

If you do not like anything about a Buy/Sell thread, DO NOT respond to it. It gets bumped up for no reason. Those bumps are also not considered updates.

If you do not like anything about a Buy/Sell thread, but want to try a COUNTER-OFFER, you are welcome to ask for different conditions.

If you mention an exchange such as this:

“My Rowdy Cr 0XP (300K) for your Veenyle Cr any XP (220K) + D4 Funk any XP (80K)”

And a player offers the exact 2 cards, you must unconditionally accept their offer.

If a player just wrote:

“My Rowdy Cr 0XP for your Veenyle Cr any XP + D4 Funk any XP”

The assumption is that the value of Rowdy Cr is equal to that of Veenyle Cr and D4 Funk regardless of current prices.

Same as with above, if a player offers the exact 2 cards, you must unconditionally accept their offer.

If a player however wrote:
“My Rowdy Cr 0XP (300K) for any of the following cards
Dookor 90K
Ax Battler 50K
Lost Hog Cr 100K
Lee Long 230K
Tsubame 140K
Kinjo 40K
Valhala 120K
Difference made in Clintz”
While the search is greater than 300K, it implies that you can use certain cards.

If you want to use cards outside what is being looked for, you are free to ask.

If you do not have the card you are offering for trades, action will be taken against you.

Agreements mean both the BUYER and SELLER are AWARE of what is to be sent and traded and there are NO CHANGES.

Anything unclear between the buyer and seller must be made clear to each other.

A card becoming Cr/Mt is not a valid excuse to back out of ANY AGREEMENT. Likewise, a sudden spike or drop in price is not a valid excuse either.

If you think a card has an unstable price, avoid using it for offers in the Buy/Sell/Trade sections as you are liable if it does lead to a dispute from an agreement.

If you make agreements but do not follow through and it gets to the EN Moderation`s attention, action will be taken against you. Blacklist is subject to decision of the Moderator.

Every 2 weeks or so, these cards fluctuate in price quickly. I personally advise against using them for trades as it can lead to disputes over market value.

However, if you and another player agree to use them, you must agree with their set price at the time of the agreement.

Exclusive Rares = Dakota (At time of his release)
These are Rare cards not available at NewBloods, (Or Elite, Titanium, Armageddon initially until an announcement opens them to all packs except NewBloods).

[CR/MT Announcement]
All trades where NO AGREEMENT is made between players are closed should said card become Cr or Mt.

For cases with multiple cards offered, we will still let the thread run at our own discretion, but the Cr or Mt card will be removed from the offer.

If ANY AGREEMENT is made between players to trade the card is made and suddenly a Cr or Mt announcement is made for whatever reason, YOU MUST FINISH THE TRADE and use the Pre Cr/Mt values agreed upon.

Action will be taken if either sides back out for the argument of “Market Value” or something along the lines.

Rarely needed, but that is in extreme cases where you feel you really cannot trust the player you are making a deal with.

Both parties need to agree on the same Moderator. If one does not for any reason agree, you need to select a different one or trade amongst yourselves.

Moderators issue blacklist if fraudulent trading is reported to us.

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The number "50" is meant for editing.

While I put 50 Clintz, it is because that is the lowest you can sell cards for to another player.

Sure, I can work on a sample thread.
Players can copy and edit.

I will do the same for Buy, Sales and Purchases.

Already updated. smiley But if anyone else wants to add some common french terms to this, feel free to give me a PM. smiley


Sorry but, selling Pfulls isn't allowed anymore...


Trade completed. Please close this thread. Thank you!

The value of the card is still the same smiley

Im trading/selling:
1000 McLayton 0exp 30K/t = 30M

Im looking for:
DJ Korr Cr 14M
Guru Cr 13.5M
Kiki Cr 12.5M
Cannibal Jo Cr 12.8M
Lyse Teria Cr 13.5M
Splata Cr 4M
Jackie Cr 1.2M

Only 0exp:
Atkinson 2M (Max 10)
No Love 1.2M (Max 10)
Death Adder 1.2M (Max 10)


sunday 16/06

I would trade my:
Bercerkgirl Cr 0xp OR Dounia Mt full
Xantix Robb Cr (xp doesnt matter)

No longer need Geuner Cr smiley

New offer on Diyo Cr 550k smiley

The cards I listed above? smiley
You need to read my post well

saturday 15/06

Sell my Kiki Cr full xp 11 700 000 smiley

friday 14/06

There are many sales on my account that you can check out and even make profit out of. Please be sure to make a quick stop

Okay, time's up! I will just put them on the market.

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