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Though unlikely to happen and has not happened yet, I will leave a note to use the protocol for dealing with Cr/Mt announcement trading disputes when dealing with cards that receive a SHIFT. The circumstances are similar to a Cr/Mt announcement. A card gets removed by the market temporarily then players can back to the market once it settles.

The number "50" is meant for editing.

While I put 50 Clintz, it is because that is the lowest you can sell cards for to another player.

Sure, I can work on a sample thread.
Players can copy and edit.

I will do the same for Buy, Sales and Purchases.

Already updated. smiley But if anyone else wants to add some common french terms to this, feel free to give me a PM. smiley


Congrats Asado on the win smiley

Alec Mt sorry smiley

Also can trade alec + crs for guru cr


Selling a lot of Vermyn N 0exp PM me offers

I have 30x copies to sell, going for market price but can negotiate.

saturday 04/04

Hi everyone,
I'm selling
Gil Cr 490k


I have lady ametia cr and im looking for imperia sloane cr, drakora cr, akrankk and 1.5 million clintz

I'm looking for B Mappe Cr (full)

He's currently 3.9 on the market

I have to trade:
Nemo Mt

Marshal Cr 0xp

Uchtul Cr 0xp

#Asakai Cr 0Xp

PM me for fastest response!

Trades done.
Thanks! smiley

Lady Ametia 3.05kk
Hemdall: 130K
COrvus: 110K

New price 2.9m for kenny

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