saturday 26/10

Hi! Im buying Kuwakas and Kupandas!!!

Kuwakas 190k each one 30 units!
Kupandas 80k each one 30 units!

Message me!

Also buy

Oxen 0xp 10k
Kazayan 0xp 13k

Buying your Ratanah MT for 855.000. PM if willing to sell.

Looking for Maana Cercei for 500k and Nero 290k
pm me

I would like to trade my Nemo Mt for a Vickie Cr


I would like to buy some :

Digging Bill 11k
Oriold 45k
Moukrok 80k
Goure 100k
El Exotico 150k
Sentenza 200k
McLain 90k
Maximus 250k
Kuwaka 180k
Surstorming 60k
Rex Sweig 100k
Rage 200k
Sobek 200k
Cortez 200k
Judge Lynch 200k

if you got some lot mp me for trade,
Thx in advance

Honestly, if you can't sell something in 1-2 days, there is no point selling it smiley

friday 25/10

Hello! The last Cr I need is Armanda Cr however she ain’t worth 3.5mil lol, I’d be looking to pay about 1.8mil-2mil so if you’re interested let me know (no is gonna pay above 3 mil these days she hasn’t been sold once since her price raised a few weeks ago)

Hi smiley

Your Lyse Teria Cr 0xp (10.5M) vs my Volkan Cr 0xp (6.1M) + 2M cash + 2 Saitamurai 0xp (490k) + Jackie Cr 0xp (1.2M) + Maana Cercei (520k) + Charlie Cr 0xp (300k)

Looking for those two please as well as other huracan cards i take other cards from other clans as well

thursday 24/10

Only lend option is enable
ask your guild

Please contact me by private messagesmiley

[TRADE] My Spiaghi Mt (Full) for your No Love (Any)!

+ 50k now

Still possible 20 times

Hi everyone!

I trade Romana Cr fullxp + 150k vs Romana Cr 0xp

Trade is possible 15 times.


Coda: i don get what you say smiley

update: I offer B Mappe and max 300k clintz difference for Volkan

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