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thursday 11/07/2013

-snap wins with an all cash offer of 200k

Still for trade!

Vous cherchez a commerce splata cr + elya cr + 100k pour marlysa cr. Je peux négocier.

Price has gone down to 105k for the full xp and 110k for the 0xp
PM me ur offerssmileysmileysmiley

If u want to offer crs , tell me about that! smiley

For 45k
in private sell please

Still selling both lots


I offer you
10 Selina 0 xp vs Dregn 0 xp
Dagg 0 xp + 12 000 clintz + Deea 0 xp vs your Dregn 0 xp


wednesday 10/07/2013

Also accepting combinations of Kenny Cr, Jackie Cr, Alec Cr, and other non Cr's above 20.000 clintz. im also willing to compensate differences in clintz among trades so feel free to put in any offers.

Kawamashi cr gone smiley

Offering: 4 Caelus Cr 0xp
24k on top

Also have:
Some leftover money
Thaumaturge Cr
Tanaereva Cr
-Can fit into deal somehow/somewhat

Please pm if interested


Title says it all, I'm looking to either sell my 0xp flavio for 585k, or trade it off for either a vickie (and 160k ctz), lamar (and 150k ctz) or tessa (and 0ctz). All other offers besides these will be ignored, and private messages will get things done quicker. smiley

Elya cr+ Splata cr + 70k + Kenny cr 0xp

Full xp Vickie cr and 30k

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