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wednesday 10/07/2013

I search kerozinn full 420k
vickie cr 410k
lamar 430k
the offer in pv i can offer cash and cr

Oops. Late finish. Congratulations to Cops-Kerza! I hope everyone enjoyed the auction smiley

El valor de mi Caelus cr 0XP es 108k.
Mandame tus ofertas para cambios.

Would you be interested in exchanging (1) Cyb Lhia for a non-CR card equivalent to 4.2k? I have some Fang Pi, Pussycat, and Vortex cards if you want. Thanks.

Selling my swidz cr 0xp for 115k.
If u r interested, PM.

Mi swidz cr 0xp por 115k smiley

@ Acefrost, I'm a free-to-play user & UR requires new account holders to:

A. you purchase Credits (as miroalsharif explained)

B. using your iOS or Android device install free Apps through UR affiliate program to earn Free Credits. You must earn 5 Credits using 1 action to activate Buy/Sell/Trade (ie. install App worth 5+ credits)

C. using your PC/Laptop, go to "Earn Free Credits" from UR homepage and complete surveys or install software

Enjoy and we can trade smiley

tuesday 09/07/2013

Closed, exchanged

I put in the title, a big powerful, vigorous, Herculean, stout and robust DJ Korr Cr 0XP
I value by 10.1 M

I accept:

Another big cr (do not want to Lyse Teria Cr)
cr playable (can accept unplayable but not receive letters that have increased their price from one day to another)
Lots (left to review and approval)

Similarly I will cherish almost everything offered to me, everything will be done for secure exchange

Do you expect to get this great card?

I value everything at current fair market price

Does anyone have a card from the uppers that removes life from your opponent i well trade or buy

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