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sunday 25/05/2014

I value all Ludmilla at 300 each.

I have one Swidz CR+ 10k credz for trade for Terry Cr+Hammer+Saki+Crazy Carlo+Striker+Marina+Robb CR

If anyone wants to accept the offer PM me.

saturday 24/05/2014

Guys, I guess you are doing offers for these lots:

Is that right Deceiver?

Lyse Teria Cr sold.

I'd like to trade:
Marlysa Cr 0 exp for Marlysa Cr full exp + 10k-15k Clintz or cards;
Sum Sam Cr 0 exp for Sum Sam Cr full exp + 10k-15k Clintz or cards;
Manon Cr 0 exp for Manon Cr full exp + 10k-15k Clintz or cards.

Bonjour à tous, je met aujourd'hui 4 magnifiques marlysa cr toutes vierges d'expérience smiley

PDD : 1.650k /t soit 6.6M

Mes recherches :
- cash
- kolos / cortez Oxp : 60k
- reeve Oxp 15k (max 200)

Voila, fin de l'enchère :
Ce soir même a 23h01
Par VP

Bonne chance smiley

But Marlysa Cr 0xp , Full cash 1m5

Looking to get a 5 star general for my dj korr i also wan some clintz to make up the price differance please message me with offers

I can sell them pe 10 or 20


i offer :
x21 Lilly 0exp(160k)
x1 Kinichaw 0exp (15k)
x1 Copper cr full (90k)

Bye. (mp)

Send me any exp lorna for 1700 clintz and I will buy it, (If the market changes send me a pm and we can work out a new price)


Is anybody willing to consider this trade? All of the above collectors will be yours, plus the vast majority of every other card in the game.

Otherwise I suppose I'll have to sell...

Lol dumbass me smiley

Correction - looking for kerozinn cr full xp

Hello to everybody i trade my kerozinn cr (680k) for her i'm looking for lamar cr (600k)+80k complement

if you are interested contact me


friday 23/05/2014

80 el divino gone, 140 to go.
new deal: 140 el divino for 310 lear barduh

Real price 560-580k in This month sorry 575k Cash max

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