wednesday 15/05/2013

This is not the correct place to post this topic up.
It should be closed down immediately.

Also yes, it is free to play. You do not need to pay to play. Even before when there weren't free creds. You didn't need to pay to play. Sure paying may give you some advantages, but it isn't required. Back then I think that once you get to a certain level, you can sell one card a day too. Maybe my mind is iffy though.


Both for 360k or offers around that.

184k each.

Will accept bulk cr's, cheap ones or not-so-cheap ones, playable or unplayable.

Please PM me for offers/trades or other proposals.

70 Dr Falkentstein vs 1 Tana

Looking for Vickie Cr + compliment, or just the clintz. I'm looking for offers from 460k (negotiable) for direct selling. PM me for faster reply as I may not be checking this thread often. Thank you!

3.000.000 pure cash + marlysa cr (1.350.000) + armanda cr 0xp (850.000)+ kerozinn cr (400.000)
total 5.800.000 for your lyse teria cr

3.000.000 pure cash + marlysa cr (1.350.000) + armanda cr 0xp (850.000)+ kerozinn cr (400.000)
total 5.800.000 for your lyse teria cr

Hi, i'm interested to trade my guru cr that i value around 8M for:

lyse teria cr + complement around 2.4-2.5M

i accept:

cr playables like tanaereva cr 190k, tessa cr 520k, vickie cr 420k etc etc

i trade with secure trade only, if you are interested contact me


That said, I accept cards cr long as they are playable or normal cards (not in large lots) and preferably some cash.

Cr Marlysa valued at 1.3 M (1 million 300 thousand / if I can get at least half I can make a cash rebate)

Target price 600k
Pm me with offers

Sell Ambrose Cr 0xp 320k cash only, pm me.

tuesday 14/05/2013

Completely correct and still searching!


400 eebiza > 2.5M clintz smiley

Hey ill trade my ed12 and assorted juntas for other juntas i have

no nam and various other weaker junta might be interested in a half deck of another clan as well pm me plz and thx

Hello everyone I sell my Seldnor Cr for 90 k is 0 xp or change it for good playable cards or cash and cards
Thanks Mod's.

Marlysa cr is 0exp smiley now

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