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wednesday 31/07/2013

Hello guys

I looking Marlysa Cr full or 0 exp i don't care


1.1k per head for 500+ Simeon 0 xp. How? smiley

625k cards or clintz B)

And we are done. Congratulations to Moe2000 smiley

I change my:
El Matador;
El Gascaro;
Wonder Lana;
Derby Queen;
El Kaktus;
for cheap cr or something interesting ( about 16k ).
Contact: PM

Essie full xp - 3300
Essie 0xp - 3500

Negociable Price, pm me pls!

Option 1:
6.3k/head in private sale

Option 2:
3 Desmond 0 xp + 1k for 1 Don 0 xp
8 Desmond 0 xp for 2 Don 0 xp

Option 3:
1 Rowdy full xp + 1k for 2 Don 0 xp

I can do all 3 options multiple times, feel free to PM me which option you want and check on my availability.
Thank you.

He is talking about his action http://www.urban-rivals.com/auctions/?id_auction=281026 plz close this thread as already he made the cards in an action

We can talk about price smiley

Gil , askai, Dwan, Minerva and maybe some cash

5* 0 xp cards are too low at 500.

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Ill do 10k comp as pallios has stated.

I wish to sell my Aldebaran Cr for 525000, I will also accept trades if they contain expensive playable Crs such as Lamar Cr, Vickie Cr or are primarily clintz. Price is negotiable. Only clintz transactions will be carried out in vp.

tuesday 30/07/2013

Monty XX did make me an offer like that offering 20k as compliment,ask himsmiley

For 36,000 each I can do the offer 35 times thank you smiley

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