saturday 08/06/2013

Bringing it down to 600k, 590k cash. Feel free to get in touch, I would like a sale somewhen this weekend.

Still looking for the 400-500k Crs

I now have for trade:
Marlysa Cr
Scarlett Cr 0xp

I am interested in:
1.3m Each
2.5m for both
Swidz Cr
Nahi Cr
Beltran Cr
Ombre Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Vickie Cr
Elya Cr
Splata Cr

3m cash
8 charlie
7 graksmxxt
20 kawamashi cr
15 chiara cr
4 caelus
lamar cr
kerozinn cr
total : 5.65 m
if you can add about another 3m in either jackie caelus tanerava vickie or marlysa cr then it's a deal

I am looking for cr's like blaster, caelus,... i value the bulk in 108000 clintz , 2700 each deea

the price is negotiable, thanks mods

On the latest post I've written everything with the current lowest prices,I really don't get what your problem is,after I did thatsmiley

friday 07/06/2013

She's not worth 6.8m+ at all

Im sorry but you can't sell players so im going to have to close this thread smiley

The main reason is its classed as spam and if i let one person do it more and more will do it intill the message boards are only threads like this.


Well for her its the other way round smiley

Please write the names of the cards that you want to give in return smiley

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