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tuesday 20/05/2014

I need 37 B Bazooka 0XP. Buying at 4k/u.

PM me and we can work something out smiley


Sell Harvey 0xp x10 for 2200 each.PM me if interested

I value Rowdy at 26K and Ongh for 58K

Also looking for Berzerk cards like Elvis, Lola, and Clive

Got many smiley

I'd be willing to accept Jackie Cr + 45k

Wow, mine not satisfy you? smiley


i have to sell 500x Malicia (full xp) and 300x Ksendra (full xp), 2950 Clintz one card. The more you want to buy, the less the price will be.

For interest or questions message me.

Greets Vly

monday 19/05/2014

I want an full or 0xp Elvis

in return i can offer 6k+ rahanpah

43 lehane 0xp for my copper cr full xp + ongh full xp + marco cr full xp ?

Sell NDololo Cr (0 хр) or change on Kerozinn Cr + your 300.000
Sell for 950.000

Have one nahi cr full xp , looking to unload for further investing . currently 200k on the market , can let her go for ~180k ono . will accept cash or trades , send a PM if you're interested . cheers ! smiley

Looking at offers around 280k

Will accept Clintz and playable Cr's

Especially want Jackie Cr (Not 0 Xp please)
Don't send me offers on lots etc

Thanks smiley

Hi guys,

I've got a wonderfull, new, amazing Splata Cr, 0 exp.
I give it to you for your full exp Splata Cr + 60k.
You can negotiate about the 60k smiley
You are interested ?! - Then just write me a private message (in english od german please)

Best Regards, Eki

Revising Offer due to market increase:

Selling Raven 2x (0xp) (105k total)
Smokey CR (86k) + Reeve (15k) + Nekurenbo (5k) any XP = 106k

PM with offers.

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