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saturday 06/07/2013

Still looking, chiara CR for 3 daddy jones!

Are you interested in trading a kiki or are you just commenting? if so what else do you want with general?

friday 05/07/2013

Check the french forum instead smiley

edited by Cyber friday 05/07/2013, 18:31

Please send all credit related problems to the support with this link.

I trade 577 desmond 0exp (2,1 each)

I accept cr, cash ecc..

Thanks smiley

End of Auction. Congratulations to clep1979! smiley


Looking for mainly Clint's

Pm offers

Good luck man and I am sure you arent the only one who goofs that name lol

Geuner cr +2k for your 0 exp geuner cr ?

thursday 04/07/2013

I'm sorry, just sold smiley

Stop spam please smiley

You know you can close threads yourself right?

E se famo a cambio..cioè io ti do heegrn 0 exp e tu full più comp??

Now i have only coby and hammer

Hello, im a newbie, selling Onyx with 0exp for 250clintz...

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