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saturday 17/05/2014

That's about Flavio cr I offer to exchange and / or sale! Price is always on current market value! by flavio cr is 1,150,000 Clintz and guru cr 10,100,000 Clintz

Welcome offers!
- Clintz
- Cr's

PN who has something good to offer myself as a

Hi! I'm Looking for Splata Cr (850k)!
I can offer: Caelus Cr ( 165k) x2 + Smokey Cr (85k) + Emeth Cr (75k) + Jane Ramba Cr (40k)+ Edd Cr (25k) + Kawamashi Cr (5k)+ Ongh (50k) + Mona (45k) + Romana (25k)+ Pilzken (15k)+ Toro (15k) + Crazy Carlo (15k) + Mokra (10k)+ Ghumbo (10k)+ 100.000 Clintz

Tot offer = about 830k

I'd like to trade my Rowdy for your Romana. Thanks.

Note: Kindly PM me for faster response.smiley

For 230,000 in my ps. Thanks smiley

Looking ONLY for 0exp marina at 27k per head. Sent them up in private sale if you are agreedsmiley

So offering my tanaereva full exp for your 0exp one and a 10k compliment could be hmm... to you enthusiastic young mansmiley

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=4&id_subject=2463825&subject_page=0#answers smileysmiley

Good luck

You act?smileysmiley you might want to close this one and start up a new one with what you are looking for. Right now I bet no one has the slightest idea, on how much you valuate your cards or what are you looking in exchange. Read the rules before sending a topic, they are made to help you, not for you to be ignoring them , You are lucky that the EN forums are not checked as much as the french onessmiley

Also looking for Tan Man, willing to here peoples wishes
I have cards + clintz (up to 200k) to trade for him

Octana x1 88k >>>>>>>>>>>>. Will take trade-ins of your cards (Value must be at or near 85k)
Pr Hartnell x1 13k
Molder x2 2.2k each
Kenjy x2 2.5k each

Will do trade-ins for the cards below Octana if and only if you buy Octana as well.

Shoot me some offers. I'm not stingy, I'll hear you out so long as your offer isn't ridiculously low.

Have :
Caelus Cr
Chiara Cr

Looking to pay around 270-280k (Whatever Market Price is.

friday 16/05/2014

Hello, I would like to trade for a Splata Cr, and here is what I have to offer:

- 50 Nabrissa (0 exp)
- 300k in clintz

Contact me if you are interested or would like to negotiate. Pm for a faster response. Thanks for your time!

I will sell you my 600 yodd
1900 x 185 full xp + 2100 x 415 0xp

16 sylth cr 0xpsmiley

So I have finally done my trade smiley
Also this topic was a great example of that you shouldn't trust other people in selling cards: at first they laughed at me when i properly responded to market price changes (lyse teria cr costs about 1M less than general cr for about 10 days now) and on the other hand they tried to sell Lyse teria cr for 10M yesterday, when she randomly was 10M at market :]

Tessa Has been sold.
srry guys smiley

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